CORLYX unveil fourth single "Never Love" feat. Chris Harms/ Lord Of The Lost!

  Van Muylem    5 oktober 2022

The darkwave post-punk duo presents their fourth single, "Never Love". The new song is a collab for the broken hearts feat. Chris Harms/ Lord Of The Lost and has been released today, October 5, 2022, via Out Of Line Music. 

Caitlin Stokes from Corlyx says about the collab and the song, "Chris Harms put out a call to artists who wanted to collaborate with him, and we had an unfinished production that was very different from our usual sound. It's a bit Dark Pop with some heavy elements, and we thought what a great opportunity to explore another side of ourselves and what Chris delivered vocally did not disappoint. There's such a contrast to our vocal styles; a beautiful conversation is happening in this track, "Never Love" is that I love you, I hate you song you wanna make bad decisions to." 
Corlyx is Caitlin Stokes and Brandon Ashley, initially formed in Los Angeles until the duo set out for Berlin. Now living in Brighton, U.K., Corlyx adds a live bassist to their lineup and explores the realms of darkwave/post-punk with a modern production. "We are so excited for the new record coming out in 2022 and the amazing opportunity we have been given to join the Out Of Line family. Follow us on @corlyx_official for updates!" - Corlyx -
The upcoming Corlyx album "Blood In The Disco" is scheduled for a winter release. Stay tuned for more announcements about the album and follow CORLYX online:  
 CORLYX live:
 7. October,  USA - Absolution Festival in Tampa, Florida

Never Love is indeed a dark Pop song with a slow tempo in the start and becomes some kind of duet with Chris. The more oyu listen to this song the better it gets. The beats are allright and the music fits well the vocals! In the end it's a nice and special one with a cool 80's touch!

On this single you also get 3 other songs (and yes: no remixes)!

Rain Drops sounds very retro 80's with a nice synth sound. The vocals make it a bit chaotic, but it has it's charm. Nice post-punk!

Take Off Everything starts with a drum, joined by a cool bass and a synth. This one sounds like a great 80's post-punk track. I can see it getting a lot of positive feedback whilst getting played during a gig or in the midst of a DJ performance!

The Echo sounds a bit like a modern version of Siouxsie and the Banshees (I really adore the vocals) with a real cool bass and great post-punk sound!

All in all excellent tracks and a really good idea to launch a single with no remixes and only original tracks! I can't wait to get the album as this appetizer is really great! The duet with Chris Harms (Lord of The Lost) is worth checking out! Includes some excellent dancefloor minded tracks!