Belgian Cinematic Metal band Gallia released a music video for their single “Chaos” of their recently released album ‘Obscura’!

  Van Muylem    16 oktober 2022

Belgian cinematic metal band Gallia dropped their successful album Obscura in September, and are now releasing a music video for one of their songs: Chaos. The song is dark and deep, layered with mystery and one of the heaviest songs from the album.

The music only fits the title; Chaos takes you along on a rollercoaster of heavy guitar riffs and angry vocals. The song is inspired by the storyline of Yennifer from The Witcher (game, novel and Netflix series) and describes her search for magical power. The enchanting theme sucks you in, the soft eastern bridge comes unexpected and the powerful chorus takes you on a dark trip down in our fantasy world of Obscura.

Obscura is built on the story that was set in place by EP Everflame (released in 2019). Everflame was about the band’s fight against the dark. As long as the fire was burning, there would be hope.

Obscura tells the story of the band finishing their duty with the Everflame and returning to a life of freedom, and finding a different world than they remember. Feeling lost, they set out on travels to rediscover this new world. Every song tells a new part of the world they discover, a much darker world than they had left behind.

Gallia was founded as a musical project in 2014 by guitarist Yannick and bassist Laurens. Joachim joined the crew and mostly helps out backstage and with planning. In 2015, vocalist Elyn joined Gallia, and made the band move from powermetal to symphonic metal. In 2019 Gallia released their EP, Everflame, which was incredibly well received by magazines and metal blogs. In 2020, current drummer Ties joined Gallia and has helped Gallia reach new levels.

Vocals: Elyn Vandenwyngaert
Guitar: Yannick Maris

Bass: Laurens Vandebroek

Drums: Ties Jehoul

Music by Yannick Maris
Lyrics by Elyn Vandenwyngaert
Produced by Yarne Heylen & Gallia

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Yarne Heylen at Project Zero Studio

Photography by Wout Vandenwyngaert

Artwork by Gogo Melone

Music video by Yarne Heylen from Project Zero Studio

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