CORLYX - Blood In The Disco (Out Of Line Music)

  Van Muylem    26 november 2022

Sexy, stylish, cool - Caitlin Stokes and Brandon Ashley live and breathe this triad. Visually and musically, the two globetrotters from Los Angeles are a feast for the eyes as well as ears. Almost all of the twelve songs on the new album “Blood In The Disco” call for a midnight dance on the graves of all kinds of dark genres: Glam-induced melodies hold hands with vibrant Electro sounds, coquetting with an exceptional Dark Wave attitude and the 80s, the post-punk guitars always leaning on the puckered hip bones. This mix touches hearts and may even break a few. When Lord Of The Lost lead Chris Harms or Marc Massive from Massive Ego take over the mic for a moment, one can’t help but feel immersed in a better world, alternating between hyperbolical cheers and deadly misery. Death Pop is when we dance anyway!

Atrophy is a cool modern track with an 80’s touch, excellent vocals from Caitlin and a very catchy sound! It’s clearly dancefloor material!

Rain Drops sounds very retro 80's with a nice synth sound. The vocals make it a bit chaotic, but it has its charm. Nice post-punk! Is already spinning in my personal playlist since it has been released on the EP!

The Echo sounds a bit like a modern version of Siouxsie and the Banshees (I really adore the vocals) with a real cool bass and great post-punk sound! This song is also climbing on my played tracks list!

Another hit is this one: Take Off Everything starts with a drum, joined by a cool bass and a synth. This one sounds like a great 80's post-punk track. I can see it getting a lot of positive feedback whilst getting played during a gig or in the midst of a DJ performance!

The Taste has a cool percussion, a hot whispering female voice and a touch of EBM mixed with synth pop.

Never Love is a dark Pop song with a slow tempo in the start and becomes some kind of duet with Chris Harms. The more you listen to this song the better it gets. The beats are alright and the music fits well the vocals! In the end it's a nice and special one with a cool 80's touch!

Incinerate has a pretty slow tempo, but has good beats and a floating synth touch with nice percussions and a cool guitar sound.

Lace And Latex sounds hot and sexy with that kinky touch of them and nice retro sound! Fetish fans will absolutely adore this one!

Like A Dagger sounds stone cold, with a nice guitar on the lead. The synth and the electric drums also play a nice part here! Enjoy the Cindy Lauper touch too!

The Threshold has a shredding guitar with a retro touch, a cool synth touch and vocals that comes close to the best years of Siouxsie and the Banshees! Ifeel I hear a potential hit here!

3.2.1. sounds like a dark slowpop song with an erotic touch! I also hear a bit of early Nine Inch Nails influences.

Let the beats go with the last song on this magnificent album: Raindrops (Nero Argento Remix). Clubland, here we come! Time to fill the dancefloor!

Well: since I ran into their music I adored every track and this album just confirmed their status of superheroes! This album is even better than expected and my expectations where sky high after the last EP! Go for it and let the world enjoy your music!

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