Uniity launches new track: One-Step (Closer to the edge)

  Van Muylem    4 december 2022

Uniity, is a Cleveland based 19 year artist who uses her experiences as an LGBTQ+, POC woman to craft an anthem of empowerment for those who have experienced abuse and racism in their daily lives.

UNIITY is the genre warping avant-pop/electro-punk brainchild of Raven Clark, a Philadelphia-raised artist currently based in Cleveland, OH. Her mission and legacy is the unification of the emerging scene of independent, predominantly LGBTQIA+ & POC women in avant garde pop and punk. Her first album titled "HIIVES" was released in March of 2022.  

Check it out here:

Spotify – One-Step (Closer to the Edge)

One-Step (Closer to the Edge) | UNIITY (bandcamp.com)


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