Elm – Penetrator (Alfa Matrix)

  Van Muylem    7 januari 2023

Swedish (residing in Belgium) act ELM is back! After the brutal and successful EP “Steel Hope” comes the 3rd full-length album “Penetrator”. The first pressing comes out as a limited deluxe digipak edition – a 3-cd body of work that is sure to completely run you over. Physically, mentally and emotionally!

This is uncompromising relentless machine music for body and soul. Devastating bass lines and tenacious rhythms. Honest aggression that you know is genuine! For lovers of NITZER EBB, FRONT 242, early GESAFFELSTEIN and SCHWEFELGELB. Electronic Body Music at its best.

Razor Horror sounds like old school EBM with a low tempo and somehow reminding me of D.A.F. The vocals are ok. The outro is a bit too long, but the song is for the rest ok.

Steel Hope clearly bends over to Front 242 (listen to the vocals and the effects on it). It’s a classic EBM track! The song has a catchy chorus and will work out well if performed on stage!

Outcast has somehow vocals that sound a bit different. The music also sounds a bit different (slower and with a lesser pumping sound).

Excuses Excuses is a pumping old school EBM track with a German feel.

Inquisition has excellent beats and a more narrative voice. The effects on the backings vocals are great.

Rejuvenation awakens the Front 242 legacy and brings us top notch EBM. It’s clearly a party track with the perfect beats and a great tempo, just as the lyrics!

Ha-Ha-Ha Begär gets Swedish lyrics and somehow a harsher sound and a deeper bass sound! I just wish he would have skipped the meltdowns and keep the fire going with the high tempo!

Shocker works again with backings (rendering the Front 242 feel).

Victim Generation adds on top of the sound from the previous songs a guitar and the sound of an electronic drum (a typical 80’s sound).

Vessel Of Violence could be a Front 242 outtake from a past album, reworked with a more modern sound. The quality of this track is really sky high! I’m expecting that this song might become a hit!

NWO is a fine and old school EBM track with a punk attitude in the lyrics. It will be also a dancefloor filler and a great track to perform on stage!

Tyomnaya Noch (Dark Is The Night) is a slow song that sounds like a military march with on top a narrative (Russian speaking) voice.

Death Drive brings back the EBM machine and dito beats/tempo. Be ready to put on your dancing shoes!

Noise is a short, fast and heavily pumped up track with clear vocals.

Amok! Is not a Diary of Dreams cover but a fuelled up EBM track with female backings, a great tempo and all it has to make it sound great!

Sex Junkie (edit) is not really  a Stijn cover but … yes you guessed it: a sexy EBM track.

Next to that are some awesome remixes:

Steel Hope (Testosterone remix), Sex Junkie (abuser mix by Patrick Codeneys from Front 242) + a late night remix & Vessel of Violence (Time to Pay mix).

Well: nothing really new under the sun, but always good to refresh the EBM feel. Don’t miss them at Wol’n Back!

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