Leaether Strip presents new track: Last Station!

  Van Muylem    7 januari 2023

Leaether Strip has been really creative lately, just think about the Front 242 tribute! 2023 will be no different as we already get a new album announced: Last Station and hereby also the new known track with the same title! Be ready for march as by then the new album will be launched!

The song has a slice of melancholia and the feel that this could be the last album if the title is right: the last station! The song also refers to his lost love who recently died and left Claus with sadness in his heart. Claus posted recently that he will go on, so no worries! The music sounds really good, the chorus is cathcy and the song might be something for the DJ's too!

▶︎ Last Station | Leaether Strip (bandcamp.com)

To promote the album Claus will also perform in Belgium, so don't miss this date:

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