Won't Stay Dead - Hellion (Bandcamp) We Are Horror Records

  Van Muylem    14 januari 2023

It's a trio from Chicago, Illinois and they are crafting short but Spooky punk rock! I ran into them by accident and decided to go for it!

You Will Kill Again starts as a real rager. The female vocals are ok. I can hear the punk attitude, however the global sound is not as sharp and raw as expected when I saw the front cover of this one. Vacant is a short rock-punk song with a catchy chorus and a good live feel! I adore the bass guitar when it pops up for a solo. It's a short but strong song, just the way I like it! Interlude is a waste of our time as it is what it is: an interlude and I tend to skipp it or delete it. This one is basically just an accoustic grappling track. In My Wake rocks, has a good chorus and is just lonbg enough to keep it interesting! Stolen Skin is the longest and the softest song on this EP. The vocals sound a bit different (more poppy), I also notice a slice of melancholy and a more grunge-minded approach (like Hole). After 2.50 the song ends, just like this EP. 

It was a nice and short meet and great! I hope the fans love it and maybe you will want to listen to it? Enjoy if you do so!

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