BLUTENGEL released 3rd new single/video: "We Belong To The Night"!

  Van Muylem    3 februari 2023

"We belong to the night" is a propulsive, electrifying synthpop hit for all nocturnal revelers that irresistibly invites you to dance unbridled at any party. From the beginning of the video clip, the intro sets a chilly electronic aloofness of the 80s and, thus, the mood of the entire song, whose lyrics are metaphorically loaded. As soon as a repetitive beat and the first "We are creatures of the night" blasts through the speakers, you'll long for a hedonistic and lighthearted time to last for eternity.  

Ulrike Goldmann, the singer of Blutengel, says: "A great uptempo number in which I express my passion for vampires. I address everyone who wants, as much as I do, to enjoy an infinite life and what this life contains. We belong to the night!" 

In conjunction with the music video and the concise hookline, this song plunges into a sparkling disco hybrid much further, distinctly marking the signature of Chris Pohl, the composer, known for producing immortal and brilliant catchy hits that you can't get away from. 
"Musically, it's a very modern song, yet somewhat interspersed with 80s sounds that, at over 150 BPM, is one of the fastest songs I've ever written for Blutengel! A supercooled synth dance track... With Ulli's lyrics and the video, it feels like a modern vampire party/disco anthem to me," Chris adds. 
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The new Blutengel album, "Un:Sterblich - Our Souls Will Never Die," will be released on May 12. Concerts and a big open air 25th-anniversary show in June will accompany the album release.
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