Märvel - Double Decade (The Sign Records)

  Van Muylem    25 februari 2023

After releasing their 9th studio album ”Graces Came with Malice” in April 2022, followed by organizing their own two day festival ”Märvelfest” and heading on a tour in Spain, the Swedish power trio Märvel continues the celebration of their 20 year anniversary by releasing the double vinyl compilation ”Double Decade”. Packed with Märvel’s patented take on high-octane and super catchy rock’n’roll, the double vinyl contains Märvel's greatest hits, previously impossible to get B-sides, and rare tracks, all newly mastered by Magnus Lindberg (The Hellacopters, Imperial State Electric, Cult Of Luna, The Datsuns, Tribulation, Lucifer). The compilation also includes two brand new, previously unreleased songs, mixed by Robert Pehrsson (Dundertåget, Death Breath, Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker).

Märvel on ”Double Decade”:

Double decade is the shining crown on top of our 20 year anniversary celebration! It’s two action packed albums filled to the brim with our most loved songs as well as a bunch of rare gems - previously very hard to get tracks. The album is a great testament to our fans who have continued to support us through the years. Double Decade is a labour of love and we’ve put a lot of energy into making it a very special item. The vinyl release includes a fine booklet with personal stories directly from our Märvel Army presidents as well as the founding father of the Märvel Army. BUT! We’re not only bringing old remnants to the table as you’ll also get to enjoy two brand new tracks - Catch 22 and Turn the page. Long live rock & roll!

It's the first time ever I review this band. As I launched some promo chat for them, together with some clips I got more and more hooked to their catchy retro rock sound and their name is off course also something that looks very attractive!

They start with a cool retro rocker (genre late 60’s): The Hills Have Eyes. This song sounds like an almost forgotten hit from ages ago but has still has that thing that keeps it sharp and ready for a re-launch in 2023!

A smoking hot track is Remember where the guitar sound takes over from the start until the vocals give it a sweet taste. I’m pretty sure this one really rocks on stage too!

The Effort is another smoking hot track with vocals that makes it all sound very sweet! I really adore the retro sound and the carving guitar sound!

Thunderblood Heart has sharper vocals and a more like 70’s glam rock kind of a touch. I hear clearly that this song sounds different from the previous tracks. I adore the tempo and the global sound! It’s almost like as if some Spiders from Mars joined them in the studio (and that is a major thumbs up for the band), I’m just missing Ziggy Startdust. It’s really a succulent track!

A Killing View starts slowly with an acoustic guitar, but once the bass guitar jumps in the song starts to ramble and rocks you off your shoes although it also has some slow-downs. I cherish the faster moments and the sliding guitar solo!

Bring It On has somehow an American 70’s & 80’s rock sound with a bit of blues. The lyrics are sharp and not fitted for kids, but I like it (just as the sweet backings).

A clap your hands moment comes with the rambling rocker called: I Wanna Know You (Just A Little Bit Better). I really adore the crazy ending, the screaming and the global guitar sound next to the vocals!

Five Smell City gets some help from cow bells and smoking hot guitar play. It’s the kind of song that warms up the house if you blast it through your speakers! Feel free to dance along or simply jump up and down in the right tempo!

Danish Rush is a great rocker with the perfect tempo! Feel the tempo and get hooked on the sweet backings! Rock on! No clue what a Danish Rush is but I love this song (partially thanks to the clap your hands moment and the excellent bass and lead guitar play).

All Over the News renders the sweet backings touch and the retro rock sound. The guitar play is finger licking good!

T.N.H. starts with a great bass and vocals that sound like in a rush! The tempo is really high as if it’s almost time to leave the studio and they still wanted to record one more song and speed it all up!

Goddess On the Loose has a melancholic and a bluesy touch whilst the bass is rambling and the drummer is playing chack chack.

Time for the first new song: Catch 22! I hear a more modern sound, but they kept the catchy feel next to the backings. The lead guitar sounds a bit louder.

Son Of A Gypsy has a roaring bass, a globally seen good sound and a 70’s rock-touch. Somehow it’s so far my least favourite track (I feel like it misses something and sounds a bit too much like some other tracks from other artists).

Ambassador Of Fantastic is an excellent track that has a really good chorus, hot guitar play and really good vocals! This song is simply fantastic, clearly crafted by wizards!

Ain't Gonna Last sounds a bit like the good time coming from Mott The Hoople mixed with a more modern sound and a great guitar solo.Yet another great track (with cowbells sound and a cool bass guitar).

Spider is a short but heavily rocking track with sweet edges and a good drummer at work!

Turn the Page is the second new song and lyric wise sounds like telling the story of the band in like looking back and turning the page. Music-wise it sounds like they kept the sweet backing sound and mix it with a modern sound: going on in this new direction! I love it!

The Devil Stole the Beat From the Lord gets the tempo from the drummer and explodes pretty fast! It feels like going back to the future! What a sound, what a blast! Sharp and heavy!

Pyrrhic Victory sounds like it demands some fireworks on stage, besides the sharp guitar play and explosive drums! There is also a clap with your hands moments (halfway).

Eight Arms to Hold sounds like a hot and steamy song crafted during wintertime and made to give you some heat! I think this one also will make people clap their hands at some point. Don’t forget the succulent guitar play!

Motherfucker has a nice piano moment that reminds me about David Bowie playing it for Iggy Pop whilst in tour with him in 1977. The guitar play also sound like from the 70’s whilst the vocals remind me of Mott The Hoople! Yet another hot track added to a long list of great tracks!

These Boots are Made for Flying jokes off course with a song called: These boots are made for walking but has a faster tempo and really rocks your boots off!

Wow, that was a blast and had lots of fun listening to all these gems! I hope to see them one day on stage and finally enjoy the live version of all these tracks! Keep on rocking!

”Double Decade” is released on The Sign Records on February 24, 2023.

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