Emetropia announces new EP 'An Acoustic Endeavor'! New single + video "The Old Gods - Requiem" out now.

  Van Muylem    26 februari 2023

Emetropia proudly presents information and artwork for their new EP ’An Acoustic Endeavor, set to be released on the 24th of March. Emetropia delivers energetic and dynamic symphonic metal with poetic and connected stories, inspired by bands like Epica, Therion and Amorphis. Their critically acclaimed debut album Equinox gave them a spot on Visions of Atlantis’ Pirates tour, while their upcoming EP ”An Acoustic Endeavor” continues their work of introducing listeners to the future of Swedish symphonic metal.

’An Acoustic Endeavor’ features four acoustic versions of the most beloved songs from their debut album Equinox, explained by keyboardist Liam:

“We saw this as a chance to push our musical and production skills to the limit by recording symphonic metal songs in musical styles we had never played before! It became something of an acoustic endeavor for all of us; scary yet intriguing.”

Vocalist Lisa explains how the requiem version of the song differentiates from the album version:

“We wanted the EP versions to be something new and original, and not simply the same song with acoustic guitars. While the original song is fast and energetic, the lyrics tell a despairing story of never ending suffering, and thus, we felt that a ballad was the perfect fit for The Old Gods. The result is a solemn and mournful, yet beautiful, retelling.“

The EP will be celebrated with a release party at Kulturgaraget, Avesta, on the 25th of March. Emetropia will be playing two sets (one regular and one acoustic) and the melodic metalcore act LÝSIS will be joining for this intimate evening.

’An Acoustic Endeavor’ tracklist:

A Gentle Breeze

The First Flower Blooms

The Old Gods - Requiem

Shifting Seasons

Band members:

Lisa Wallenberg – Lead vocals

Liam Strand – Songwriting, keyboards, orchestral compositions, vocals

Olle Renius – Lead guitars

Jonatan Jakobsson – Rhythm guitars

Oscar Heikkinen – Drums