Hand of Juno are releasing their first song ever: Right Now!

  Van Muylem    26 maart 2023

Born in 2021, Hand of Juno delivers a darker wave of metal infused with electronic/techno influences, industrial noises, and apocalyptic atmospheres. Hand of Juno are Melissa Bruschi, Alice Lane Pandini, Helly Elisa Montin.

It is impossible to change the past. The actions taken at that time have led to disastrous consequences today. We bear the scars of those events and must fight for our future. This means fighting against ourselves as well, because the present bears the indelible marks of past traumas, which sabotage our drive for the future. Therefore, “Right Now” is the time to act, without lingering in the past, without being frightened of the future, because any moment could potentially be too late to initiate change. We wanted to present ourselves as a band and deliver this message through an industrial, monolithic sound, with pop influences in the chorus, to mark both the strength and energy that we also represent.  All-female Industrial Metal act HAND OF JUNO releases their debut single “Right Now” through OUT OF LINE MUSIC. The song is best defined as a darker wave of metal infused with pop & electronic influences, industrial noises & an apocalyptic atmosphere. 

-Hand of Juno