PSY’AVIAH feat. SORROW STORIES - Healing EP (Alfa Matrix)

  Van Muylem    4 juni 2023

PSY’AVIAH is now closing the “Bittersweet” chapter in beauty with Yves Schelpe’s stunning collaboration with Tina Forlorn of SORROW STORIES. “Healing” is maybe the most representative song from this conceptual album after all, where you can realize that, “there is joy in pain and that tears can taste so sweet”… A more laid-back melancholic dark pop song with strong highly expressive vocals leading breakbeat arrangements and sinister melodic synth-lines.

For the occasion of this new EP release, both artists recorded together an exclusive bonus song: “Heaven Is Not Enough” that mixes metaphorical lyrics, sorrowful atmospheres with more upbeat dark electronics. A touching piece of work playing with double meanings and questioning whether dreaming of death to feel alive makes any sense when “Heaven is not enough” and might be your new Hell… a sort of beginning of the finale in a place where there is no conclusion because you need to recreate yourself altogether!?

PSY’AVIAH here again gets joined by a bunch of artists from various music scenes including some noticeable usual partners in crimes to serve us a more than eclectic cocktail of remixes including AESTHETISCHE, PEOPLE THEATRE, AIBOFORCEN Eric C. Powell, Eva X, NATURES OF WIRES, ENEMY INFESTATION, 13TH ANGEL and 11GRAMS

And always remember on bittersweet days, that in pain there’s strength to be found… It can’t always be sunshine!

This Bandcamp release includes an exclusive booklet with lyrics plus 2 bonus remixes by LECTREAU (Passenger A from METROLAND) and DYNALECTRIC ORCHESTRA! 

Healing EP | PSY’AVIAH feat. SORROW STORIES | Alfa Matrix (