MYSTFALL - Celestial Vision (Scarlet Records)

  Van Muylem    22 juli 2023

Celestial Vision is the Mystfall introduction to the international metal scene, combining the traditional symphonic metal sound and atmospheres with an enthralling melodramatic approach. debut album for the Greek symphonic gothic metal band leaded by extraordinary soprano singer Marialena Trikoglou.

All the songs features catchy melodies, captivating choirs and some very tasteful orchestral arrangements; the whole record is influenced from battle, cinematic, Celtic and classic music too. The superb and touching voice of frontwoman Marialena Trikoglou is the icing on the cake on a series of amazing compositions.

Lyrically wise, the Celestial Vision concept is quintessentially philosophical, looking for an answer to the perennial “meaning of life” quest.

Resisting Heaven is a bombast symphonic metal intro with horns, strings, … No vocals except if you count in the choir. A filler, but a majestuous opening track!

Celestial Vision is the title track and delivers a classical female fronted symphonic metal track. Her voice can go sky high as she shows off pretty fast. The grunts from Kostas gives it a harder touch. The choir (AI or real) is a good thing.

Centuries reminds me slightly of Xandria (not the actual version, but the one with their previous queen of symphonic metal). It’s also one of the best tracks on this album as all is perfectly balanced and the song has the perfect drive! The song already sounds like a classic! I understand why they even made a clip for this one!

Endless starts with rambling guitars and get the guidance of our nightingale from Greece.

Silence is the obligatory powered up ballad and they deliver high quality with an epic touch!

Kings of Utopia goes back to what I call the Xandria sound. The breakdown delivers a fragile momentum within the song, until the male grunts take over.

Moral Compass rages on in a very bombastic way, also has a breakdown (now it’s Kostas who does a spoken word part).

The Balance of Time starts softly with strings until the rambling guitars jump in, just as the bombastic symphonic metal sound. Her angelic voice makes the peace return but then Kostas grunts and takes it over giving the song as speeded up version and a more bombastic touch.

Freedom Path sounds a bit different from the previous tracks (a more metal minded approach in he start) until Marialena opens her vocal possibilities and delivers the best of her powers (singing high and low, hard and softly) … The song bursts out and delivers the last bombastic blow to reach a high!

Well I understand it’s a new band and I heard some good stuff. I just wish there was a bit more variation in the vocals (male and female). Trouble is that there are so many symphonic metal bands and the scene has given the sign that this genre reached it top. So in order to get to the top as a band and not disappear and getting drowned by the other bands you need that extra thing like in the song called Centuries! There is enough potential! Good luck!


Marialena Trikoglou - vocals

Kostas Mexis - vocals

Panagiotis Leontaritis - guitar

Dida Racotoarison - keyboards

Antonis Desousis - bass

Manos Agouridis - drums