ALICE ON THE ROOF (BE) shares new single & video 'Change My World'

  Van Muylem    24 september 2023

Alice returns with Change My World, a new musical and visual proposition that immerses in her touching, modern and melancholic universe. 
The track is evocative of her hit Easy Come Easy Go, and reveals a new facet of the young Montoise artist; that of a grown woman who enchants the world with sincere nostalgia. Memory is a magician that exalts everything it touches, especially childhood. With sincere nostalgia, Alice evokes the something or the someone she wishes she could reach "How to get to you", and takes us into her enchanted, yet modern world: her burrow.

The clip, directed by Francis Courbin, a young Franco-Malawian director and photographer, was shot on a property in Normandy in late summer. Alice only discovered the location on the day of shooting, to preserve the magical, immersive quality of the moment. The video tells the story of Alice's passage into adulthood, presenting her as a grown-up, modern woman with sensitive, candid memories. The rabbit appears as her alter ego, her inner version: sometimes rejected, sometimes cuddled.

The musical projects of singer-songwriter Alice on the roof are those of an artist with a singular, fragile, almost broken voice, set to a pop-electro soundtrack. She cracked the Billboard 200 in 2015 with her hit Easy Come Easy Go carried by the gentle tones of a piano like the echo of a whisper. Her first album Higher saw release in 2016 and hit the top 1 in Belgium. In 2019, she issued her second album Madame which found her exploring French songwriting and got a top 10 in Belgium. In 2023, Alice signed her first contract with a French label: tôt Ou tard, an indie Paris-based company with artists like Yael Naim,Lhasa, Mentissa, Ben Howard, Vianney, Cats On Trees.