Ironborn releases lyric video from their song "Guardian Of The Scales"

  Van Muylem    24 september 2023

On the 2th of June 2023 IRONBORN released their new album “After The Flood”.  In support of the vinyl release of the new album in september, they now launch a lyric video.

Ironborn started out as a cover band, but it soon became clear that the band had more to offer than just covers. It wasn't long before they started writing their own songs. In 2017, the band released its first six-song EP. The reactions in the metal press were very positive and so the band decided to stop completely as a cover band to fully focus on their own material. In 2019, Ironborn launched his first video on YouTube for the single 'Into Darkness'. Their first full-length album 'After The Flood' has now been released.



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More information about IRONBORN:

Formed: Summer of 2014

Genre: Heavy Metal

Influences: Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Nevermore,…


Tom Hugelier (Vocals)

John Mortelez (Lead Guitar)

Jan Versnick (Bass Guitar)

Tom Deblauwe (Drums)

Bjorn Coysman (Guitar)