SAMURAI PIZZA CATS Unveil Video 'Have a G.O.O.D Day' feat. Emmy Mack of REDHOOK!

  Van Muylem    25 september 2023

This marks a momentous day for fans of the ‘Catcore from Castrop’ pioneers, Samurai Pizza Cats. Not content with just the release of their highly anticipated debut album, "You're Hellcome," they've thrown one more enticing curveball into the mix – the unveiling of their brand-new single, ‘Have A G.O.O.D Day!’ featuring the electrifying Emmy Mack of Redhook.

Following a trail of previous hit singles, including ‘The Wolf In Me’, ‘Outcast,’ ‘You're Hellcome (feat. Alma),’ ‘Alpha (feat. Mrs. Nina Chartier),’ ‘Freakshow (feat. Future Palace)’, ‘Welcome To The Fightclub,' and their recent YouTube chart-topper ‘Pizza Homicide (feat. Nico Sallach)’ from Electric Callboy, the Samurai Pizza Cats have already etched their mark on fans' hearts. Their explosive debut live performance in front of passionate fans at last year's Escalation Fest and their recent jam-packed show at this year's Full Force Festival offered mere glimpses of what's in store as they gear up to join Annisokay as the lead support act on their forthcoming UK/EU tour and previously announced headlining tour in 2024!

"You're Hellcome" is far from your typical debut offering. The Samurai Pizza Cats have brought together an eclectic lineup of collaborators, including ELECTRIC CALLBOY, FUTURE PALACE, FOR I AM KING, REDHOOK, and more, to craft a thrilling, full-length journey. From its inception to the final product, painstakingly nurtured in a custom studio nestled in the idyllic outskirts of Castrop-Rauxel, Germany, this album holds nothing back. It sounds exactly as you'd expect from a band with nearly a decade of musical evolution under their belts. The result is a unique blend of deathcore-meets-futuristic-techno, a collection of tracks that are simultaneously atmospheric, brutal, and irresistibly smashers. 

For those ready to embark on a musical adventure like no other, the album "You're Hellcome" is now available. Join Samurai Pizza Cats as they redefine the boundaries of the genre and remember to 'Have A G.O.O.D Day!' 

Stream "You're Hellcome" here:
"You’re Hellcome" tracklist
01. The Wolf In Me
02. Outcast
03. Last Player
04. Pizza Homicide (feat. Nico Sallach)
05. Kill It
06. Have a G.O.O.D. Day! (feat. Emmy Mack)
07. Burn
08. Fake
09. Falling Down
10. Alpha (feat. Mrs. Nina Chatier)
11. Freakshow (feat. Maria Lessing)
12. Welcome To the Fightclub (feat. Fabio Schäfer)
13. You're Hellcome (feat. Alma Alizadeh)
Samurai Pizza Cats are:
Vocals: Sebastian Fischer
Guitar: Daniel Haniß
Bass: Stefan Reufer
Drums: Stefan Buchwald
Samurai Pizza Cats online: