Piston Damp I’m Losing You (A New Tale)

  Van Muylem    17 november 2023

Here's the brand new single from Piston Damp, a synthpop duo from Norway consisting of Jonas Groth (known as keyboarder in Apoptygma Berzerk and as being Stephan Groth’s little brother) and his friend since childhood, Truls Sønsterud.

Since their debut album, Making The World Great Again in 2021, they have released a string of singles, with Sacrifice and All The Edges I Can Fall, leading up to I’m Losing You (A New Tale).

It is still catchy synthpop, this time more up-beat and chorus driven, and with a sound and a beat that is sure to be a winner in their booked and upcoming live gigs in Sweden and Germany, of which there are many! I have a feeling this is simply their best track ever! I really love it and makes it hard to stand still! This song really makes me want to see them on stage!

The Day of Departure (Black Sky Version)starts slowly with an 80's synth pop feel. it's a semi sad and melancholic song.

After that you also get the extende remix of the title track (for lovers of extended versions).

Live dates so far:

  • Helsingborg (Sweden) 17/11/23
  • E-Only Festival (Germany) 16/03/24
  • Jönköping (Sweden) 27/04/24
  • Sarpsborg (Norway) 04/05/24
  • Chemnitz (Germany) 19/07/24