THE LAST ELEMENT releases "Chapter 3: Solitude"! Music video for "Bury Me" online now!

  Van Muylem    20 november 2023

Amsterdam-based modern metal act, THE LAST ELEMENT, is celebrating the release of their new EP "Chapter 3: Solitude", out now with Drakkar Entertainment! A music video for the song "Bury Me" is streaming below.

After the first two chapters already showed that there is no way around the Dutch formation anymore, the band takes the listener on a sonic journey, split into three main parts. "Bury Me," the third track on the EP, serves as the climax of a three-part narrative that began with "Lost Cause (The Journey Part 1)" and continued through "The Mountain (The Journey Part 2)." Each song is a poignant representation of the universal longing to find solace, to feel at home, and to connect deeply with another soul. Frontman Jasper's personal battles with loneliness and the feeling of isolation are intricately woven into the fabric of "Chapter 3: Solitude". This EP is not just a musical piece but a confessional, providing insight into his past struggles and the search for self-worth.

As Jasper comments: "Releasing 'Chapter 3: Sollitude' feels like sharing a piece of my soul, inviting listeners into my journey of solitude and self-discovery, hoping it resonates with their own search for belonging."

THE LAST ELEMENT started in 2018. Immediately they found common ground, both Jan (bass) and Jasper dealt with hardship in the past, each song they wrote was a way to lift a burden. Jan most notably dealt with the suicide of his life partner, and Jasper came from a history of child abuse and the fallout that created. They bonded over the troubles they lived but more importantly who it made them and what it made the band, they became stronger, the damage, the scars of their past gave the fuel to their music and helped them write what is closest to their hearts. THE LAST ELEMENT is the bond between them, and all the people who are scared to get hurt or that have to deal with misfortune, "we all heal when we are together, together we are stronger. Thus our music became the translation of those feelings, the dark, the heavy, the rage but also the light, the love and hope," the band says.

Since their formation, THE LAST ELEMENT has reached +3 Million streams on Spotify alone and +10 million across platforms, fully DIY and this only proves they are getting the recognition and support from their listeners. With these numbers increasing daily and previous releases added to editorial playlists such as "New Blood" "New Core" "New Metal Tracks" and following shows in support of acts such as Asking Alexandria, THE LAST ELEMENT is definitely levelling with established names in the genre on the way to determine their goal in life to share their music and lyrics with a global audience. 

Their new masterpiece, "Chapter 3: Solitude", is out now and available on all digital services at:

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Jasper Roelofsen - Vocals

Noah Grim - Guitar

Jan Bijlsma - Bass

Mark Cappon - Drums