Modern Metal Upstarts ILLUMISHADE announce new album + reveal new single “Here We Are” and video!

  Van Muylem    7 december 2023

Swiss modern metal upstarts ILLUMISHADE unveil their magical sophomore record and Napalm Records debut, Another Side of You, out February 16 2024! Fronted by vocalist Fabienne Erni and guitarist Jonas Wolf (both of Eluveitie) and completed with orchestration and synths by film composer Mirjam Skal, bass by Yannick Urbanczik, and drums by Marc Friedrich, ILLUMISHADE skillfully balances all things both dark and light on Another Side of You.       

On their new single cut from the new album, “Here We Are”, Erni’s radiant charisma shines brighter than ever with her crystal-clear vocal delivery. Wolf’s guitar work is as blazing and emotional as ever, while a fresh dose of modern prog brings a cutting edge to the band’s elaborate songwriting. The song impresses with a stomping chorus and an exciting variety in its middle passage, and arrives alongside a stunning music video.       

ILLUMISHADE on “Here We Are”:           
“‘Here We Are’ is an anthem to the essence of being in the here and now. It tells about accepting the legacy of history, acknowledging our current standing as a foundation from which we can move forward.”

Another Side of You is the successor to ILLUMISHADE’s acclaimed debut album, ECLYPTIC: Wake Of Shadows. The second coup showcases a more modern approach both lyrically and musically, while still transporting the listener into an immersive world rich with mesmerizing soundscapes (even enhanced by the Budapest Art Orchestra at certain points) and massive and dreamlike vocal lines, marking the perfect start of a brand new chapter for this promising outfit.
ILLUMISHADE add:        
“Marking the beginning of a new era, our album Another Side Of You bridges the tangible and the ethereal. It’s an odyssey to the many facets of human emotion but also the challenges we all face in this ever-changing world. Another Side of You is about grounding in reality, yet also letting the music carry you to places unknown.”

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Straight out of the gate, opener “ELEGY” darkens the sonic sky with heavy riffs, ominous soundscapes, and a soothing chorus. Even a Theremin makes an appearance, showcasing the band’s experimental palette right from the beginning. Skal’s ethereal tapestries of cinematic greatness lie heavily over the pounding rhythm section, but even more so on its heavier relative “CYCLONE”. The track expands on this approach, making it the progressive pièce de résistance of the album with its cinematic swathes of sound, Meshuggah-esque lead guitar assaults, and even a majestic finale reminiscent of Pink Floyd merged with Tesseract. Drummer Marc Friedrich shines bright here, displaying a dazzling array of ballistic fills and complex grooves.
On the other hand, there’s “Cloudreader”, a highly accessible, uplifting anthem that descends upon the listener’s heart like a warm autumn sun. The highly dynamic and intricate drum work gives it a welcome twist, while modern metal powerhouse “Here We Are'' impresses with a stomping chorus and an exciting variety in its middle part. ILLUMISHADE is no stranger to ballads, as “Fairytale” is loaded to the brim with emotion - proving that Fabienne Erni is, without any doubt, one of the most talented vocalists in the current metal scene, reminiscent of her grandiose performance on ECLYPTIC’s “Rise“. Jonas Wolf’s guitar playing shines throughout Another Side of You, boasting towering riffs and searing leads as on “Fairytale” and power metal homage “In The Darkness“, artfully combining fretboard pyrotechnics, soulful melodies often surrounding Erni’s vocals, and a healthy dose of blues, making him a truly exciting player in the scene.             
While the rhythm section demonstrates some of its most impactful work on modern metal banger “Riptide“, the longing atmosphere created in “TWILY“ takes the listener on a whole other journey with tingling melodies and probably the most catchy riff on the album, bringing more modern influences to the plate again. A massive surprise awaits in the form of album closer “Verliebt” (Engl. in love). Backed by beautiful piano melodies delivered by Coen Jannsen from Epica, the closing track is sung in Erni’s native Swiss German and, as on all songs, features soulfully penned lyrics by bass player Yannick Urbanczik.           
Another Side of You Tracklisting:
1    Enter the Void    
2    ELEGY    
3    ENEMY    
4    In the Darkness    
5    Cloudreader    
6    Here We Are    
7    CYCLONE    
8    Fairytale    
9    The Horizon Awaits    
10   HYMN    
11   TWILY    
12   Riptide    
13   Hummingbird    
14   Verliebt (feat. Coen Janssen)

Joining DELAIN on the Dark Waters Over Europe Act II tour
19.01.24 NL – Uden / De Pul
20.01.24 NL – Amstelveen / P60
24.01.24 DE – Nuremberg / Hirsch
25.01.24 DE – Leipzig / Hellraiser
26.01.24 PL – Warsaw / Proxima
27.01.24 HU – Budapest / Barba Negra Blue Stage
28.01.24 AT – Vienna / Szene
30.01.24 IT – Milan / Santeria Toscana 31
31.01.24 CH – Pratteln / Z7
01.02.24 DE – Aschaffenburg / Colos Saal
02.02.24 NL – Heerlen / De Nieuwe Nor
03.02.24 DE – Bochum / Matrix
31.05.24 CZ – Pilsen / Metalfest Open Air 2024
13.06.24 ES – Zamora / Z! Live Rock Fest 2024

Fabienne Erni – Voice, Piano     
Jonas Wolf – Guitars     
Mirjam Skal – Orchestration / Synths    
Yannick Urbanczik – Bass            
Marc Friedrich – Drums
Napalm Records