TRICK OR TREAT - A Creepy Night Live (Scarlet Records)

  Van Muylem    8 december 2023

Trick Or Treat celebrate more than twenty years of an established and successful heavy metal career with their first official live record. Recorded during the tour in support of the latest studio-album 'Creepy Symphonies', 'A Creepy Night Live' retraces the stages of the Italian band's history: from the very first Helloweenish steps up to the current, brilliant and personal interpretation of the "happy metal" plot, passing through the most memorable and fun songs scattered throughout all their works.

But there's more... As a special gift to their fans, Trick Or Treat have composed a magnificent Christmas single: 'When the Lights Fade Out (Santa's in Trouble)' – featuring Sabaton & Majestica's Tommy Johansson – is the perfect tune to spend a nice and entertaining power metal Xmas!

Intro/Creepy Symphony is the perfect introduction to this great and very funny band with songs that will make you smile, become a bit melancholic or simply give you an excellent fun time!Enjoy the excellent vocals and guitar play!

Have a Nice Judgment Day starts with a clap your hands momentum. It is a good song to perform on stage.

Loser Song must have been pure fun to perform on stage (next to the hot guitar play). The vocals are also on fire and powerful (for sure towards the end).

Aquarius: Diamond Dust is one of the songs I play on regular base in my playlist (am a huge fan of Saint Seya, it was with the album on which this song featured I started to be hooked on this band). It is nice to hear it live and I can say it’s indeed made to be performed on stage and get a lot of positive feedback from the crowd!

The Great Escape has a magical power, is driven by great vocals and a hammering drummer. It is one of the lesser-known songs for me (but I picked up late with them).

Tears Against Your Smile (feat. Chiara Tricarico) is a great ballad but I hear it’s a bit difficult to bring it in a correct way live on stage (some parts are not so good mixed and for sure Chiara’s voice), which is very sad as it’s a great song! Just sad I do not understand much Italian, missing some of the fun here.

Cloudrider is a fast song filled with pathos and fire.

Hungarian Hangover is a pure fun track and I can hear it was also fun to perform it on stage and share it with the fans!

Libra One Hundred Dragons Force is another of those really tracks I absolutely adore (just missing the Gemini track here)! Feel the power and grab the melancholia!

Take Your Chance (feat. Michele Luppi) is a nice co-op and this time the mix was good and well timed! The backings could have been a bit louder (or mixed with the backings from the audience).

Rabbits' Hill is another fun track, but as I heard a bit hard to bring the first vocal notes. Muckily once the vehicle starts to drive it becomes a great one on stage!

Crazy sounds like having fun, whilst the tempo is really nice. I almost hear the audience sing along. It’s a great track at the end of a set on fire, keeping it going!

Like Donald Duck is always funny and puts the next to bands like Alestorm & Nanowar of Steel and yet rocks your socks off! It’s a real bombtrack to end with! And one last showdown for the vocals and guitars!

After hearing them I know now for sure it’s really fun to see and hear them on stage! It was a great trip and hope to see them on stage in Belgium one day and I’m sure I’m not alone here!


Alle Conti - vocals

Guido Benedetti - guitar

Luca Venturelli - guitar

Leone Villani Conti - bass

Luca Setti - drums