Transport Aerian presents: Live In Ghent (Progressive Rock/Metal) via Melodic Revolution Records

  Van Muylem    11 maart 2024

Transport Aerian is a Belgian progressive rock project. Taking it roots in 2009, it is known ever since for its vivid and dark combination of contemporary prog and jazz sounds, wrapped in heavier guitar work, and intimate, deeply personal poetry. This live album is simultaneously their fifth full-length album and it will be released through Melodic Revolution Records. The release date is set for March 16, 2024. For fans of Riverside, Pain Of Salvation, Porcupine Tree, A Perfect Circle and so on….

It sets no strict genre borders and knows no musical or spiritual limits but always stays on the progressive side. In the recent years, the band has released four studio albums published by American grass-roots record label Melodic Revolution Records: Bleeding (2013), Darkblue (2015), Therianthrope (2017) and Skywound (2021). The project worked with many guest artists from all over the world, including such names as Paul Sax (Curved Air), Elvya (Solo artist, Ayreon), Chris Allan (Malefice/Spiral Key), Marco Ragni, Peter Matuchniak and many others.  In the recent years, the band performed numerous shows in Belgium, France and The Netherlands with its current line up featuring Hamlet (vocals and bass), Stefan Boeykens (guitars), Umut Eldem (Keyboards) and Paul De Smet (drums).

Transport Aerian is known by focusing solely on concept albums with a heavy emphasis on more serious topics, ranging from personal, spiritual to social or perspectives – in other words openly talking on the experience of just being a human in a rapidly changing world on the brink of crisis. 

Musically, Transport Aerian combines the elements of classic prog and contemporary heavy and experimental music, exploring the vintage production designs, poetic post-modernist tint in lyrics and generally designs its performances and recordings in a way to tell the story. In 2023 the band announced a coming release of a live album simply titled “Live In Ghent” and a mini-tour under title Exit Skywound.

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