We present you: Edouard van Praet

  Van Muylem    13 maart 2024

Belgian-Canadian UFO Edouard van Praet has been meticulously shaping his own universe for the past three years. Three years of strange, chimerical fusion of styles: between tradition and modernity, smiles and cries. The eccentric dandy is known for inhaling the vapours of classic rock'n'roll and exhaling them into sounds of his own – what we could call Jungian alternative pop-punk-electro-rock-paper-scissors, or, simply put, anti-rock. 

After winning the Tremplin Dour Festival competition in 2022, passing through the Fifty Lab in October 2023 and currently being a semi-finalist of Humo's Rock Rally, he's today back with a double track, once again exploring the diversity of genres while expressing his love for pop melodies.

Do You Ever Walk Alone? is a ballad reminiscent of Tom Waits and The Doors. Vintage without compromise, the song follows the ramblings of a poor soul wandering the streets unaware of its own presence. The song is an introduction to the world of masquerades that Edouard is building in front of us.

Echoes follows, an exploration of a man repeating himself throughout the week that ceremoniously implores the night for absolution and release. A mix between hard-hitting four-on-the-floor electronic music and vocals reminiscent of classic rock n’ roll.

Listen here: edouardvanpraet.ffm.to/walkalone

After two EPs that made waves in Belgium, Edouard is preparing his first album, a logical but daring continuation to his previous experiments (Doors in 2021, Cycles in 2022), with more prominent French vocals. He sees his music as a vast playground where guitars are strummed, synthesizers are tweaked, and microphones are roughed up. In the end, you find yourself with a ballad in the style of Tom Waits and Frank Sinatra or a degenerated gabber/trance song.

On stage, Edouard unleashes himself, and that's a constant among his love for contrasts. Accompanied by his band of anti-rockers, he invites you to dive in and surrender yourself to trance.


22.03.2024 — WAYS AROUND FESTIVAL, BRUSSELS (tickets)
24.03.2024 — HUMO'S ROCK RALLY, GHENT (SEMI-FINAL)  (tickets)
26.10.2024 — BOTANIQUE, BRUSSELS (tickets)
26.10.2024 — BOTA KIDS, BRUSSELS (tickets)