Consvmer - Agony feat. DVST (Out Of Line Music)

  Van Muylem    14 april 2024

CONSVMER knocked out their new single 'Agony feat. DVST' with a mixture of progressive metal, beatdown and metalcore, combined with unbridled creativity in the visual realization of the video.

About the song, the band says: "Agony tells the story of a person suffering from multiple personality disorder. The lyrics reflect one of the personalities whose inner demon is embodied by the impressive contribution of Daniel Gorgievski. The song reveals the inner conflict of the main character and expresses her strong desire to be freed from this suffering. The combination of emotional intensity and the haunting voices in the head make 'Agony' a powerful portrayal of the inner struggle and longing for redemption."

Watch the video:
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The lyrics plunge deep into the main character's soul struggle and offer a haunting perspective on the desire for liberation from inner torment and conflict. CONSVMER manage to convey the turmoil and struggle with an intensity that won't leave listeners unmoved. Immerse yourself and experience the emotional power and creative brilliance that makes them a distinctive new force in the scene live at their upcoming shows:

30.05.2024 Bochum - Mosh City Festival
06.07.2024 Mühlheim am Main - Bembel x Core Festival
10.08.2024 Königstein, Rock auf der Burg Festival

CONSVMER online: