ALURA presents new single and music video "The Disappearing Act"

  Van Muylem    17 mei 2024

Alura, the exhilarating US metal/hard rock powerhouse, is thrilled to announce the release of their new single, "The Disappearing Act," accompanied by a dynamic music video. This release marks their second outing with Out Of Line Music, following "Wonderland."

"The Disappearing Act" dives deep into the emotional turmoil of being ghosted by romantic partners, a theme magnified by the song's gripping lyricism and Alura’s intense musical range. The track transitions from melodic and upbeat to dark and heavy, echoing the influences of early 2000s fashioncore bands like Eighteen Visions and Atreyu. So sit back and enjoy the ride! 

Alura reflects, "The Disappearing Act shows off a bit of our ability to be unpredictable. The song is about being ghosted by romantic partners and how it can take its toll on the person left in the dark. The song is based around one year where our singer Taylor was ghosted many times without any sort of explanations." 

The accompanying music video, a spectacle of visual and emotional intensity, was developed in collaboration with Blvckbox Studios, known for their work with bands like The Ghost Inside and Veil of Maya. The video’s talent show-style format provides a perfect backdrop for the song’s thematic depth and Alura’s electrifying performance. Mixed and mastered by Mike Sahm, known for his work with Chelsea Grin and Eidola"The Disappearing Act" is a journey from its first note to its last. The single is now available for streaming on all major platforms HERE, and the music video can be now viewed on YouTube:

Alura is poised to continue their meteoric rise in the music scene, captivating old fans and new listeners alike. Don't miss the chance to experience "The Disappearing Act" and be part of Alura's unfolding story in the rock and metal landscape.               

Taylor Adsit - Vocals
Andrew Guerrero - Guitar/Vocals
Ryan Cayetano Bass/Vocals
Parker Adsit - Drums

Alura online: