The Dirty Denims – Party On

  Van Muylem    24 mei 2024

The Dirty Denims, known for their electrifying performances and infectious energy, are thrilled to announce the release of their highly anticipated album, "Party On!" slated to hit the shelves on May 24th, 2024. This latest offering promises to inject a surge of energy and positivity into the hearts and heads of Rock’n’Roll fans worldwide.

"Party On!" is not just an album; it's a sonic celebration crafted to uplift spirits and ignite the party within. Infused with their signature blend of Happy Hardrock - a mix of Hard Rock, Rock'n'Roll, Punk Rock and Power Pop - The Dirty Denims deliver a high-octane experience that resonates with audiences of all ages. Growing up is not their priority, but on this new album the influences of the 70's are more clearly supplemented with 80s vibes. A more versatile sound and with influences ranging from AC/DC to Joan Jett, each track pulsates with positive energy and unbridled enthusiasm, inviting listeners to embrace the joy of the moment.

Hailing from the Netherlands, The Dirty Denims have carved their path in the music scene. Having graced the stages of renowned festivals such as Lowlands, Rockin' Park, Zwarte Cross and Bospop, and shared the spotlight with icons like Slash, Whitesnake, Extreme, Airbourne and Cheap Trick, the band has garnered a loyal following worldwide. Their song "24-7-365" earned national airplay on one of Netherlands' biggest radio stations 3FM and found its way into campaigns for Comedy Central Sweden and Belgium.

With "Party On!", The Dirty Denims continue their missionto spread joy, positivity and unadulterated fun through the power of music.

Funny thing is that I got a message that went like this: “hey I noticed you interviewed Thundermother and this band might be something for you.” Interview has been send out to The Dirty Denims, so wait and see for the answers!

Hell yeah, Thundermother (the previous version) comes pretty close to the sound I hear when I listen to this band! After hearing the first track I directly wanted to review the whole album, but I decided somehow to listen tot eh whole album as the first track was also a single and most of the times single’s are the best tracks from an album. Well, I didn’t regret starting the review and enjoyed it, full stop!

Party On! (single 4: 15-03-24) is not only the title track, but also one of the single’s and like I already stated: a hell of a track! Feel the fire of this female fronted hot rock band! Enjoy the strong backings too, just as the excellent guitar play! This is how the new Thundermother should have sound like (I’m not really a fan of the new version of Thundermother, sorry about that). And no this song is not a cover from Funeral Dress, but has the same vibe and same energy!

Victory (single 2: 24-11-23) has also been a single and is clearly a fired up rock/metal track with the right Thundermother alike sound! Just add a bit more power in the backings and it will be the perfect song and keep the guitar solo/lead part a bit shorter.

Another banger is called Guestlist (single 1: 22-09-23): it’s the kind of story I know well enough. It’s a smoking hot rocking track!

We Won't Stop is clearly what the title says: a band that keeps on rocking and filled with energy: ready to play until the sun comes up! Hell yeah! This is what we all want! Feel the energy!

Devil In Me rocks like the start of an AC/DC track. In the end this could be their female side-kicks. The lead guitar part takes just a bit too much time to develop. Add some extra backings and it might even become a chart topping track!

Come On sounds to me as the perfect opener for a gig: feel the energy from the first notes and scream along with the chorus: Come On! Let’s set this place on fire!

Hell Of A Night (single 5: 26-04-24) is a sharp rocker with great drums and guitars on fire.

Too Loud, Too Old (single 3: 02-02-24) is the perfect song to get the crowd along and make them scream and do some work out! I understand well enough why this one was also chosen as a single!

I Want It Now! Is a very straight and sexy song with a horny women behind the mic. Just sad the guitars are shredding her away by time to time.

Why Do I Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night? That’s indeed a good question as it sometimes happens to me too. Next to that you can call it a nice song, but not the big bang to end this album with although it’s a good track with a 70’s rock sound. You will for sure sing-a-long after you heard the song a few times or maybe already at their next gig! It reminds me a bit of an old Pat Benatar track: Hit Me With your best shot!

Well this band has some nice songs and some great influences. The music is more then ok, just as the vocals. I had enough fun and don’t regret using my valuable time to review it! Rock on!


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