Daan launches new single: Dumb!

  Van Muylem    20 juni 2024

2 Years after the album “The RideDaan will release a new album this fall (october 2024). Listen already to the new single DUMB, a call to reunite all of us, even if we’re very different. 

Message from the master himself:

"People are strange. These days, we all seem to make very individual and extreme choices, that however have as effect a global downwards decay in our society and environment. So I wanted to write a positive song to reconnect us all, get back to that old feeling of solidarity as if we were making - stupid as they are - these weird choices together. One big, united, rally around flags of any colour. To get back – in the end - to celebrating something we all want, together, even if that thing is our own human tendency for stupidity. Maybe this way we can rediscover the healing pleasure of doing things collectively!

And in the outro I naively drop the easy & timeless solution: LOVE. Let’s enjoy that and get back to being smart, together!

Love, Daan"

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