Blutengel presents new single/Video: "Der Sturm"

  Van Muylem    20 juni 2024

Blutengel, one of the most influential bands in the electro-pop scene, unveiled a new song and music video, "Der Sturm," just recently!

"Der Sturm" is the first taste of a new Blutengel era. The song combines all typical Blutengel trademarks and is all about “being different.” Blutengel has created a new anthem for their scene, following up the iconic track "Reich mir die Hand" with massive beats, guitars, and a catchy anthemic chorus. After 25 years, Blutengel are still different from everyone else and once more appeal to their fans to not fit into the mainstream but to be their true selves. Stream it:

Experience the magic of Blutengel live once again in 2024 and celebrate the Dark Summer Open Air 2024 with the band. Blutengel, also known for stunning live performances, will transform the Wasserschloss in Chemnitz into a world full of dark romance and electrifying beats on July 20, 2024. 

Blutengel's most recent album, "Un:Sterblich - Our Souls Will Never Die," is available here: ://

Blutengel online: