Drakkar : Once upon a time... In Hell album for full streaming

  Tom V    10 december 2014

As previously announced, two years and a half after the reunion of the band and then, the Deluxe reissue of the acclaimed "X-rated" album, Belgian speed-metal legends Drakkar have released a few days ago their brand new full-length album called "Once upon a time... in Hell". A new effort recorded with a line-up including Jonas Sanders as drummer (KomaH, Pro-Pain, Zuul FX) and available right now on CD and digital through Spinal Records (Hell City, KomaH...) // COD&S Distribution.

For the record...

Born in 1983, Drakkar spends a couple of years to find its steady line-up as well as its musical direction. During two years the band composes and evolves into a melodic and technical speed-metal that will hit the mark in live performances. In 1985 Drakkar released its first demo tape acclaimed by both critics and fans. After some gigs in Belgium & France, the band was rewarded with fans’ growing enthusiasm before to record a new demo tape which gave the band the opportunity to sign a deal with N.E.W Musidisc. Called "X-Rated", the debut full-length album by the Belgian metallers was released in 1988 all over Europe and gives them the chance to support major bands like Metallica, Overkill or Slayer during their European tours.

Despite their increasing success, Drakkar decided to separate some years later due to contractual difficulties. All the musicians then decided to try their luck on their own side.In 1998 they decided to reunite them in order to work again on projects they left aside a few years ago. The band starts producing powerful, melodic and technical new compositions. One year later, Drakkar came back with a brand new EP but after some gigs : a further break unfortunately occurred then.

On 21st January 2012, the band is officially back to business during a reunion show with new line-up composed of three guitarists and then re-released its "X-rated" remastered album with a new artwork and two new tracks.

In 2014, Drakkar unleashes its new full-length album : "Once upon a time… in Hell".

Stream the whole album | Get the digital / physical copy.