New footage for Electric Funeral?

  Tom V    27 januari 2015

Pre-YES psychedelic-prog outfit Mabel Greer’s Toyshop have released new footage for Electric Funeral, the opening track of their upcoming reunion album "New Way Of Life" out on 9th March.The video shows founding members Clive Bayley and Robert Hagger as they meet for rehearsal, two old friends finding each other again after 45 years, with the same chemistry and some terrific new songs. Smiles all around speak louder than words about the spirit of this reunion as they meet to jam in a bar in Nice, France.

Joined by Billy Sherwood, Hugo Barré and Tony Kaye, Clive and Bob have recently reformed Mabel Greer’s Toyshop – the 60s prog psychedelic outfit which sprouted the first shoot of YES – and created a record that brings new life into their trademark sound, aiming not only to rekindle their love affair with the old YES fans, but also to conquer a completely new breed of listeners.

The footage ends with a large amount of empty pints covering the bar; a good time was had by all and many more are still to come.  This is just the beginning!

YouTube link to new Electric Funeral video:

New Way Of Life will be available on CD and digital download from 9th March 2015. Electric Funeral will be available to download and on iTunes as an instant gratification track on album pre-orders from the beginning of February.
MABEL GREER´S TOYSHOP "New Way Of Life" (CD / digital Download, RSK)
GSA release: March 06th 2015
European release: March 09th 2015
1. Electric Funeral
2. Get Yourself Together
3. New Way Of Life
4. Beyond And Before
5. Sweetness
6. Images Of You And Me
7. My Only Light
8. King And Country
9. Oceans
10. Singing To Your Heart
11. Jeanetta