Simbiose Announce New Album Details

  Tom V    29 januari 2015

Nearly three years following the release of their crushing and critically acclaimed fifth album "Economical Terrorism", Portuguese grind/crust group SIMBIOSE are back with new effort called "Trapped", which is scheduled for release on March 15th via Anticorpos Records in collaboration with Criminal Attack Records, Deviance Records, Apathy Never, Punk Vortex, Tanker and Neanderthal Stench.

Recorded by Paulo Viera at Brugo Studio and BPM'S Studio, guitars were tracked by guitarist Nuno Rua, who also mixed and mastered the album, "Trapped" shows no signs of slowing or toning down and offers 14 new tracks of venomous and downright crushing grind/crust. Also noteworthy of mention is the guest performance of Bri Doom from British crust legends Doom with a guitar solo on the song "Deixós falar..."

Today, the five-piece have partnered up with Ponto Alternativo for an exclusive premiere of opening song "Ignorância Colectiva". Check it out HERE.

Asked about this new song and the musical direction of "Trapped", vocalist Jonhie said the following: "Ignorância Colectiva is a song that talks about the kind of people that just likes to criticise and say bad things about the others, but in reality don't do nothing for anyone or to change anything!"

"Trapped is a different record, we wanted to give a new and fresh tone to the band's sound without disappointing our long-time fans. It's more mature and has a cleaner sound... but it shows the same attitude!"