David Lund (Audiograd, NOX) releases debut full-length album "Ever"

  Tom V    9 februari 2015

Escaped from several bands like Audiograd, Upland or NOX, Belgian singer, bass player, author and composer David Lund unveiled a few weeks ago a solo album called "Ever" through dEPOT 214 Label company (Catherine Graindorge, Cecilia::Eyes, Monsoon, My Tv is dEAD, Nox...). Released worldwide on physical CD and digital, "Ever" is also available for entire streaming on Bandcamp.  

Themes approached on the album arise from personal experience and preoccupations, often indirectly or through passionate stories : a homeless man’s quest for a night of rest (the song "Head on the pillow"), the predominance of computer and electronic tools as filters in human relationships ("Staring at windows", "cut the chord"), the fascination for violence in the media ("Visual side effects"), the impossible share of grief ("Compassion"), the litany of budget controle from a lonely mother of five ("Price of bread"), but also songs of longing and desire ("Fruit" and "Embrace") or the ambivalence of being ("You Are").

Streame the album | Have a look on the music video for the song "Head on the pillow".   

For the record...

Before launching his solo project, David Lund evolved as a composer and performer among various musical line ups, all with strong musical identities. Next to his performances with Nox, David wrote, sung and played bass for the electrofunk trio Audiograd up to 2012.  For a couple of concerts, David had to develop a simpler device to perform his compositions alone on stage, which left greater space for personal approach.

Setting his voice on sound textures and loops woven on double bass and guitar, he aimed at emotion, while no longer depending on sophisticated gimmicks.  In this process of synthesis and stripping down, his references are to be sought in the work of Mark Hollis (Talk Talk), David Sylvian (Japan, Nine Horses), Beth Gibbons (Portishead) or Thom Yorke (Radiohead) - all artists originally evolving in a band, and who found an essential counterpoint in their solo projects.  

David Lund's debut album, "Ever", features guest appearances from NOX fellow companions : Elie Rabinovitch on drums and Catherine Graindorge on violins, and Flat Earth Society and Tuxedomoon long time collaborator, Luc Van Lieshout on trumpet. Pierre Vervloesem (X-legged sally, Flat Earth Society, ...) ensured the mix of the album.