Zöé : new album "Raise the veil" for entire streaming

  Tom V    18 februari 2015

A few months after unveiled its new album, "Raise the veil", for CD/Digital as a limited first shoot and then a worldwide release through Brennus Music, Zöé (70's hardrock vs modern stoner) unleashed a few days ago for full streaming on Bandcamp in addition to the long-awaited vinyl release.  

Third full length effort by Zöé after "Make it burning" and "Dirty is a little sister", "Raised the veil" has been recorded by Olivier T'Servrancx at the Electric Box Studio (Glowsun) and then mastered by Göran Finnberg (In Flames, Meshuggah). In other news, after played on stage during the past years with bands like Lofofora, Nashville Pussy, The Lords of Altamont and some venues at BetizFest, Hellfest or Main Square Festival, the band is still spreading its rock'n'roll vibes on the road.  

Stream the album: https://zoestonerrock.bandcamp.com/