Now And On Earth Announces Debut Album On Epitaph

  Tom V    5 maart 2015

Montreal metalcore band Now and On Earth has announced their debut album, Blacked Out, to be released on April 14 via Epitaph. Pre-orders for Blacked Out are available on iTunes

Listen to "Intoxicated" a track first revealed on Epitaph’s Metalcore Summer sampler at Warped Tour last summer:

As its title suggests, Blacked Out, is a dark and dangerous affair. Blacked Out is a record that’s riddled with depression and despair and which is set in a world on the verge of collapse. The powerful force of these songs battle against that darkness, fighting against it as much as they encourage it. Blacked Out is incredibly intense, aggressive, simultaneously catchy and hook-filled. Now and On Earth's signature sound is underpinned by neo-classical instrumentation, making the songs all that more epic and widescreen.

Now And On Earth is guitarist Mathieu Maltais, lead singer Marc-Andre Fillion, lead guitarist Charles Pilon, bassist/clean vocalist Anthony Alain-Rossi, keyboard/synth player Phillipe Ferguson, and drummer Phil Beauchamp. With this lineup, their destructive, apocalyptic vision of the world has now fully come to life.


01. Intoxicated
02. Majesty
03. All Direction
04. Overtime
05. No Way Out
06. Blacked Out
07. All On You
08. Catch You When You Fall
09. Vicious Circles
10. Interlude
11. Lust Over Loyalty
12. Your Number Is Up