Hear ye! Hear ye! Here are the final names for Groezrock 2015....

  Tom V    7 april 2015

Let's face it. It's been 5 years since THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES came to visit us. That's way too long. So we decided to give the ska punk legends a call and knocked on wood. The impression that we got is that they're f*cking stoked to come back!

Back in 2008 a cool Fat Wreck band from Philly played early in the afternoon. The band never really broke up. It just got real quiet after their "Distractions" EP from 2009. Singer Dave Hause however made a name for himself as a solo artist and played the Acoustic Stage twice. Now, we're far from tired of his solo work, but we thought it would be amazing if Dave and his buddies would play some tunes together for the first time since quite a while. So yes, rumors are true. THE LOVED ONES are coming to Groezrock 2015! And we are stoked beyond belief.

If these names did not floor you, be prepared to get beat down by Belgium/Germany's NASTY. These guys just finished the Taste Of Anarchy tour so they are all warmed up and ready to go. You will get your ass handed to you as they unleash hell at Groezrock.

BRUTUS is a new Belgian trio that has been making quite a name for themselves the last year with a blistering mix of post rock and punk. Yes, having a really good female drummer/singer might seem something of a gimmick. But this trio more than deserves a spot at Groezrock after a couple of awesome 7-inches and about a gajillion awesome live shows.

Also... a bit of sad news...

Official Statement from Dave Diesel

Regrettably, we are forced to cancel our scheduled appearance atGROEZROCK due to some unforeseeable family-related concerns. We are very sorry to disappoint our fans by not being able to make the trip and we are immensely grateful to all of you who have continued to show support for the band for so many years. We are also very appreciative of the festival organizers who worked tirelessly to arrange our participation. We certainly hope we can make it up to you soon.

Diesel Boy

That's it folks… if you haven't bought your tickets yet, we suggest you do so now. The VIP tickets and Flexotels are already SOLD OUT and the combi tickets are speeding up each day since last week's FULL announcement. Don't wait too long with it.

We will also be announcing the names for Groezrock's pre-Fest at the irritatingly slow pace of one name per week. 2 weeks ago we already told you that We'rewolves will be playing as part of the Lokale Helden (Local Heroes) initiative by POPPUNT. Last week we mentioned FORUS. Now you will have to wait a couple more days to find out all about the next name. Excited? Good. Annoyed? Even better.??