ESSENCE OF MIND - The Break Up (Alfa Matrix)

  Van Muylem    28 april 2015

Pushed forward by their EP trilogy Escape, Hate and Wrong, and building up on their growing success received during their recent German tour with their neighbours & friends of Apoptygma Berzerk, Norway's Essence Of Mind presents us their 4th album called The break up ...

No place to Hide starts a bit with a mysterious sound but very soon it explodes and turns into a harsh techno industrial rocker with clean and screaming vocals rendering a very interesting sound. At some point you even get a Euro pop feel. Escape is a great rocker that makes a great passage on stage possible. The mix between semi-grunting and the clean voice is just great, same goes with the variation in styles within the same song: from poppy, to electro, industrial and metal: all in one and that is in fact their trademark (I must admit: it’s really my thing)!

Wrong goes the same way, but with a positive vibe (despite the title). Can’t take it gets even some breakbeats and a more aggressive feel, still mixed with that clean voice. It’s clear that Erlend Eilertsen can play and fool around with his vocal possibilities as if it’s nothing. I got a Ain’t talking about Dub (Apollo 440) feeling during this one, mixed with a softer side. Disturbing Situations and Contaminated are nice tracks with lots of variation and a modern sound. Already from the EP’s it was clear that you get a rough mix between Linkin Park, The Prodigy, Apoptygma Berzerk and Depeche Mode, with Hate we all get it united in one track and yes: one of my favourite ones! The other Side starts on a softer side before the dubstep mix with heavy guitars. The Sequence is a great rocker and a hell of a screamer with the soft side duality. Tear Apart is already the last regular track, time flies fast on this nice album. A little piano and a soft voice opens this end track, turns out to be a sad and almost depressive ballad.  Nice way to end an album!

After this we receive some remixes! First one is the Escape club mix giving it a more floating vibe and a more old school techno feel. Technomancer (aka Roy Julian Digre) puts in the trademarked sound: extra drums and synths and a retro feel. It’s a great version. Xenturion Prime changes Hate into a real clubber and party raver! Vigilante attacks The other Side and creates a more aggressive version with harsher guitars (more dubstep) and turns it into something I adore (more than the original) and that is always a great challenge!


Short conclusion: great album and perfect remixes!