FEUERSCHWANZ – 10 Jahre Live CD/DVD (F.A.M.E. Artist Recordings, Distributed by Sony Music Entertainment)

  Van Muylem    28 april 2015

16 Tracks for the CD and 21 for the DVD, medieval folk and rock party tracks: with guitar, bass, drums, a flute, violin and bagpipes. Pure heaven for fans of this genre! Recorded in E-Werk, in Germany.

 I saw them on stage during the sold out Trolls et Légendes festival in Mons and got this one directly from the band. My 6 years old son was with me that day and enjoyed every track! Even now we listen to their live CD in the car and watch the live DVD from time to time, having fun when death is coming on stage or when batman does his crazy stuff on stage. Lots of special guests join them on stage like: Mirko Lehman alias der Tod, Vito C., Thomas Lindner and Tobias Heindi. I advise you to watch the live DVD if you have never seen them on stage and see for real what’s happening on stage. And yes: I can imagine that being dressed as a knight must give a hot feeling. Another thing which I noticed facing them and shaking their hands is that Prinz Richard (sings, plays bagpipe, flute, Irish Bouzouki … ) is a real giant and now I can understand why he can lift people so easily! Herr Hauptman is as gentle as on stage! After watching the live DVD you’ll understand why so much of their gigs are sold out! Watching the live DVD (with old and brand new tracks) shows off that not every gig is the same. I can say that we had the kissing girl act in Mons (isn’t on the DVD) and we also had this sad song written to commemorate the death of a great mother. In Mons they didn’t use a boat but a surf board for the guy who has to conquer the sea … And yes Die Miezen are great eyecatchers (find out for yourself) …

These are the extra tracks on the DVD: Ich will Tanzen, Herren Der Winde, Feuerkantate, Am Feuer and Habe Mut.

So far the facts about the visual party.

Now up to the great party CD! It all starts with Mach Dich Frei: guitars and vocals on fire (backed by the fans). It’s clear that the team is in good shape. The violin is in the beginning a bit on the background, but will gain power track after track. My German is not good enough to understand every word, but just feeling the energy and the live sensation (and great live sound) is already good enough to conquer my heart! Ai, ai, ai: the party has started!

Wir lieben dudelsack (we love bagpipes), keeps the fire going on, presenting us the bagpipe and great guitars with the fans as backing vocalists. The ‘La, la, la’ moment is another highlight, followed by the ‘hey, hey, hey’. The next highlight comes when everybody starts to jump up and down. Another one comes when the lyrics are being sung by the audience. The roof is already on fire after 2 tracks! The violin player has her song called after her Johanna, and yes: the crowd loves this one! Her violin leads in a folky party, so start to dance jumping from one feet to another and change from time to time your dance partner (just like in the medieval alike movies). Der Geizhals is another sing-along moment with lots of clapping hands. I love the catchy chorus and folky sound rendered by the violin.

Hurra Hurra Die Pest ist Da sounds a bit strange, as in why be happy because a death is here (grinding teeth as my German is too bad to understand the it fully, but it sounds as a party that will take 3 days before a plague kills all the village)? The audience is playing vocal support from the beginning, fired up by the singers and the flute. More dancing and jumping up and down.

Die Spielmannsträne is a great ballad (on acoustic guitar and with Johanna’s violin), with a guitar solo that shakes it a bit. Das Mittelalter refers to their first gig in a tavern, it’s a great vocal duet and acoustic pearl until it explodes into a folky party and the crowd goes crazy! Clapping hand and dancing in circles! The fun goes on! Meister der Folter starts a real polonaise! More party time comes with Zuckerbrot un Peitsche, led by the violin. Wunsch ist Wunsch is getting fired up by the flute, the guitar and the drums. I can see and hear people enjoying it.

Met und Miezen is another highlight and a medieval party track with guitars! Aie, aie, aie: aren’t you tired yet? No, the party must go on! Das Niemals Endende Gelage is another explosive party track with a soft start. The bagpipe rules in this one! The audience is very keen on this one and shows it off!  More bagpipes comes with Metvernichter! I cherish the catchy chorus and the rocking sound! Rock and sing-along! Latte is about their bass player, he gets a great track with lots of clapping hands, singing, dancing and tons of La, la, la’s! Auf’s Leben comes from their newest album and was not out yet when they performed it, but when you hear the audience responding to it you can’t believe it (as it sounds from their reaction as if it’s a classic track)!

Metnostand Im Märchenland  is the last one, led by the flute and a heavy metal guitar! It’s the final blow and final outburst of their energy! Time to reach the sky with a big bang!

This live CD and DVD is a fairytale for fans of this genre and an absolute proof of their great stage power! I’m sure that they will perform during a lot of sold out gigs, create time after time one big party! I enjoyed every minute of it and hope to see them back on stage soon enough!