Nook - Karavan Folk EP

  Van Muylem    25 mei 2015

Nook (Karavan Folk) surprised me in the most positive way during the Trolls et Légendes festival in Mons, earlier this year. I enjoyed their gig and decided to go fishing and got this ep. It’s only 5 songs, but captivated pretty well their cool folk with influences from all over the world, realized with all kind of instruments. Feel free to read over my concert review.

First one is Môssier Baube (the language is coming from the Walloon region of Belgium, derived from French): folk with some Arabic influences and rhythmic changes with a gipsy touch. Lucile will steal very fast your heart with her magical voice. Feel free to dance or sing-a-long. Alihô (Touareg language called Tamashek) gets a more Indian vibe, it’s a strange language for me, but I love the rhythm and the way the song is build up towards a certain high. Ivalou is vocal wise male driven, sung again in a strange language (the band actually tells me it’s an imaginary language). Expect a more acoustic (guitar) sound on this one. Shadow is another soft and acoustic track, driven by an acoustic guitar and Lucile’s sweet and whispering voice. I feel a campfire moment.

Hvala (serboa-Croate, just as the previous one) is already the last one for this – way too short – ep. You long for more! A flute and percussions open softly the end, until some Indian scream (I might be wrong) opens the path for Lucile. Softly the music plays faster, softly reaching a high before leaving us in silence, still mesmerized by the beauty of the music and the magisterial vocals.

Some extra information for the fans: Ivalou, Shadow and Hvala are bound by a series of books Les Sentiers des Astres by Stefan Platteau (who won with Tome 1 le prix Imaginales du roman francophone), expect great fantasy stories. Stories about a women who falls under the claws of a manipulating man and seeks freedom in exile. You might want to read these interesting books too. As you know: Stefan is a member of Nook

I hope there is more to come and maybe I got you hooked as much as they hooked me on their sound?!