Train to Spain - What it's all about (Sub Culture Records)

  Van Muylem    27 mei 2015

Train to Spain is a Swedish synth pop duo with influences from Depeche Mode, Lana Del Ray and Alizée. Earlier on we could already enjoy their very poppy and catchy Keep on Running and now we can finally enjoy the first full CD! The artwork is also fantastic!

The first track is already a perfect description for the whole album Blipblop. Well, I might change it into Blippop. Simply jump around on the catchy tunes and sweet vocals with a retro synth touch. Their kind of music will make you smile and turn a bad day into sunshine! Helena Wigeborn’s voice will for sure haunt you forever and after, once you listened to the whole album.

Keep on running already sounds like a classic golden oldie from the 80’s, as if it was already a big hit in the past, so cross fingers for the future! Passion sounds like the female pop/wave version of Gary Numan: lovely retro electro pop with a sweet voice on top, it will haunt you as the perfect earworm. All about  sounds a bit like Technoir (with Julia Beyer), I cherish the poppy dark wave sound and the mid-tempo beats.

Screw it up sounds more positive than what you can expect whilst reading the title. This one might turn you on, make you want to jump up and down, fill the dancefloor and will be the perfect earworm (again, seems like their trademark). Put your arms in the air and try to sing along in perfect synchronism! Adam gives us sweet softness with a minimal wave touch and Helena’s beautiful voice (I hear very vaguely some KraftwerkThe Robots in it).

Pressure: the lyrics are a cry for help; the sound is close to minimal wave. Grab and touch is more into having fun and has a higher tempo. I like the sexy feel in the song. Another highlight on the album! Work harder has also a high drive, with a retro sound whilst Remind myself is softer (with a sexy feel and high tones).  As last track we get the ode to Depeche Mode with Martin, David and Fletch. Just listen to the lyrics and let yourself go on the beats and the synths. A great ending for this pearl!

Train to Spain is the new Swedish retro drug!