Corvus Corax Live 2015 - Pica Records

  Van Muylem    11 augustus 2015

Corvus Corax played in Mons during the sold out Trolls et Légendes festival for their 25th anniversary. I was there and enjoyed it, just as a lot of people in the big venue and now we get the live version on CD!

The venue and the dressed up faery and medieval world was the perfect setting for this celebration. It’s a bit sad that this festival is only happening every two years, but you always get the finest bands, the best audience and the perfect party!

Two years ago Saltatio Mortis was the closing act and delivered a great set (I still recall the energy), well Corvus Corax opens their set with this track, building a bridge to the past edition and slowly letting in all the steam and all the payers. I remember the entrance was pretty impressive. I’m a big fan of bagpipes and here they start the show with them. I must say that this festival is just fitted for them: imagine the stage being a castle, fronted by trolls, monsters, elves, … dressed up people who love bagpipes, medieval instruments and festive music! It was a great medieval party! At some point they even put on masks of Trolls and showed off how much fun they were having. Just as a teaser, listen to Venus in Musica or Béowulf is mín nama and you’ll get the live vibe directly (with loads of feedback from the audience and a band on fire). Spielmannstanz is the last track on this CD, but wasn’t the last real live track. This is the kind of CD to put on repeat and listen to it all day! I hope they can add more years and come back soon enough!

Underneath you’ll find the full list of what they really performed (the numbers are set like on the live CD) as they cut into it and made the CD shorter than the actual playlist during their great set at Trolls et Légendes.

1.Saltatio Mortis



3.Totus Floreo

2.Crenaid brain

4.Milli Anni Passi Sunt

5.Venus Vina Musica

6.Bacchus / 7.Trinkt Vom Met

8.In taberna





11.Béowulf is mín nama

12.Heidutzki Tanez


Das Pack



Chou Chou Sheng

Stella Splendens