SCHWARZBLUT - Judas EP (Alfa Matrix)

  Van Muylem    12 oktober 2015

Last year I had to miss their concert in Brussels due to a cold and high fever, now I can finally enjoy more of their pearls and review them. The big deal here are also the excellent remixes! So hop on and follow me!

After their collaboration with Saeldes Sanc a few months ago, Schwarzblut returns with a new EP called Judas, the second EP taken from their upbeat 3rd full-length album Gebeyn Aller Verdammten. Judas features words written long ago by Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860), Otto Erich Hartleben (1864-1905), Heinrich Freimuth (1836-1895) and Friedrich von Logau (1605-1655) through which the band paints a painfully contemporary picture on the avarice of man. With inequality of means running high, Judas is the new God. Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act. The video clip actually bears the mark of Arthur Schopenhauer’s principium that the world is Hell and that men are on one hand the tormented souls, and on the other the devils in it…

For those who don’t know them yet, they start with the album version of Judas: a gothic/electro symphony (with a bombastic sound) with a female voice (Angèlika, her voice is close to Qntal) and a male voice (Gijs) that comes close to Das Ich and Goethes Erben. One of my heroes remix Zur Hölle (HELL:SECTOR) giving it a more metal/guitar minded touch (it actually reminds me of Herrschaft). At some point it even gets a well fuelled industrial metal touch, anyway: this one is for sure my favourite version!

Noise Junk (one of the 2 winners of the remix contest, BTW) delivers a more electronic version of Judas with a lesser symphonic sound but with enough new elements to call it a very interesting version. It feels a bit like giving a new twist to your favourite dish (as you are used to it’s typical taste and suddenly find out this new twist is as good as what you usually get). The Zeon remix of the same track delivers more harsh beats and heavier bass. It’s a more club orientated version and will hopefully be played in many clubs! It gets my support, for sure! Von Des Todes Gewissheit Und Der Tugend (Vincent Uhlig remix) sounds very scary with clearly a Suicide Commando approach.

At some point I even detect some Dead Can Dance and Front 242 influences, weird but nice mix! My least favorite track is the Sturm remix of Judas it feels like a stone cold mix, I don’t feel the soul and the body of the track (but it might be just my bad taste). I hear too much effects on the vocals and too much bleeps. Luckily it gets better towards the end, with more beats and a more up-tempo feel. Zur Hölle (ZC64 remix) is a funny Commodore 64 remix that gives it a minimal wave feel with a clear retro touch. I enjoyed it, so I hope you are also open to it!

Hymnus An Den Zorn (PRE:EMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1 remix) sounds like a great electro gothic version with a hypnotic feel. It’s very catchy, food for the DJ’s and party people and even for fans of Covenant! Judas (Binary Division remix, the second remix contest winners) sounds like a VNV Nation remix or Oswald Henke on speed (and with a female back-up) with lots of beats and roaring synths. Not bad, but far from original. Last track is Von Des Todes Gewissheit Und Der Tugend (Cardinal Noire remix) sounds like a very dark Neofolk version. It’s something special to end with, but this whole EP is very special, something out of the ordinary and that describes Schwarzblut perfectly!

I hope to see them finally on stage, as I know their gigs are really worth it! I missed their haunting visual context of imagery in their artwork and live performances…

So start booking them!


01. Judas (album version)        

02. Zur Hölle (HELL:SECTOR remix)     

03 Judas (NOISE JUNK remix) 

04. Judas (Zeon remix)

05. Von Des Todes Gewissheit Und Der Tugend (Vincent Uhlig remix)

06. Judas (Sturm remix)

07. Zur Hölle (ZC64 remix)

08. Hymnus An Den Zorn (PRE:EMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1 remix)

09. Judas (BINARY DIVISION remix)

10. Von Des Todes Gewissheit Und Der Tugend (CARDINAL NOIRE remix)



Judas (trailer):

Judas (music video):