FREAKANGEL - The Show Of Violence (Alfa Matrix)

  Van Muylem    12 oktober 2015

Finally a live recording from one of my favourite Estonian bands! I must be honest: I have never seen them on stage, but always wanted to see them! I hope they come one day to Belgium when I’m free or they have to perform during summertime some place near to Tartu (or in Tartu) and why not together with Metsatöll, Ewert and the Two Dragons, Sybil Vane and Zebra Island!

"Recorded during Freakangel’s extended The Ones To Fall tour last winter, this aptly titled The Show Of Violence live album immortalizes the band’s sonic fury and performance rage on stage over the last 5 years… Since its creation in late 2009, this Estonian electronic-industrial-metal band has been playing extensively across Europe (Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, The Netherlands, UK, etc.) including shows at festivals like Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Dark Munich Festival, Essen Original, Summer Darkness, Castle Party, Resistanz, Lumous, Findusry, Hard Rock Laager …"

The introduction reminds me of the previous band that Dmitry had in the past (Suicidal Romance), it’s a short intro with an angelic voice and a sweet longing. Used is the first real track and directly throws a bomb as within a mix of Nine Inch Nails and Suicide Commando. Feel the vibe, the energy, the real anger, the passion for dark emotions. More beats come with The Last White Dance. The vocals dance from harsh to clean whilst the rhythm is infernal and makes it impossible to stand still! This is the quality I expect from every gig and I get what I want! The roof is on fire, it’s hot and you are sweating and enjoy every salty drop! I enjoyed their last album but it’s clear that their older material is also great stuff! The guitar playing and the live drums are razor sharp and are nailing down any critics!

The ones to fall and Parasite are other highlights on this hot and steamy live album, just freak out and start ranting! This is not just a great live album, it’s one of the best live albums I heard in ages! The tracks are just fitting for their live show and the audience clearly loves it! I give you the track listing underneath as I just enjoyed all the tracks! A Product of Hate and My Darling Bullet are great tracks to end a show with. I’m wandering what the encore’s where? Anyway, they showed their love with this live album, now it’s time for the fans and bookers to make sure that they play more often! I want to see them on stage!

Warning: dark elektro/EBM lovers, aggro industrial stompers and other headbanging dark metal / hardrock fans will absolutely adore this album! Time to make some new fans and spread the Freakangel’s virus all over the world! I can say for once: Estonia rules!

This concert at the Rockstar’s Club in the band’s very own city Tallinn (the capital of Estonia), was also filmed using 5 different cameras and will be revealed on internet channels soon for a full visual aggressive and detonating experience…



01. Introduction (live)

02. Used (live)

03. The Last White Dance (live)

04. The Ones To Fall (live)

05. Parasite (live)

06. A Dozen New Scars (live)

07. Queen Of Hearts (live)

08. The Book Of Violence (live)

09. Porcelain Doll (live)

10. A Product Of Hate (live)

11. My Darling Bullet (live)