Mauno Meesit – Closer (Grainy Records)

  Van Muylem    25 oktober 2015

Berlin based Estonian singer, songwriter and producer Mauno Meesit is expressing himself through heartfelt songs and minimalist arrangements. Some might know him as the guy behind Sinine (his electronic music project). He won some prices over the years in Estonia. Not so long ago a Danish guy (Esben Svane) surprised me with his minimalistic arrangements and his pure voice and today it’s an Estonian!

Opening with Blue Bird, sung the way I heard Johnny Cash on his last album: trembling voice, filled with emotions and ready to die in the studio. It’s something that gives you goosebumps! Rain Song has an electronic wave pushing it whilst the vocals recall Tindersticks. Mesmerize, dream away, fly away: let yourself go during this one and enjoy this fresh breeze!

Dear Dawn is almost a tearjerker, so keep the tissue close to you. Circle is an acoustic interlude, I’m not sure why but it breaks a bit the style and concept. I’m Dreaming & Yes to Yesterday are very delicate tracks, somehow it sounds like the tracks that Depeche Mode never made (vocal and music wise). Well, I adore them and that’s what counts! . Sõnumid feat. guest vocals by Allan Vainola and a great piano played by Jaroslaw Ilski a fine track about messages, but my Estonian doesn’t go further than that.

Nothing To Say is yeat another very sensitive song, a bit melancholic with the right feel. And yes: be ready to shed a tear. Towards the end it almost sounds as a sacred song. Little Secret slowly grows towards the climax, getting louder and playing faster before slowly fading out. Blu(e)men is already the last one, with a very bluesy sound. It’s one last melancholic shot before we push the repeat function and let it play for the rest of the day …

The fun thing is that it was all recorded in living rooms in Berlin and he used an old American Turner microphone from the 1940’s to give it that special sound. Loved it & Thanks a lot for sending this one in!


1. Blue Bird  4:56

2. Rain Song  4:29

3. Dear Dawn  3:54

4. Circle  2:33

5. I'm Dreaming  4:30

6. Yes To Yesterday 4:38

7. Sõnumid  3:33

8. Nothing To Say  3:37

9. Little Secret  4:03

10. Blu(e)men   3:01