IAMX – AB Brussel – 7/11/2015

  Van Muylem    8 november 2015

The AB in Brussels is pretty filled when the gig starts! It’s my first gig with IAMX and I see lots of familiar faces. Already from the first note it’s pretty clear that the audience loves this band and knows every word by heart!

I Come with Knives is highly acclaimed, getting loads of positive reactions. One of the funny things is that I was shortly doubting if Jet Noir (another artist I know) has joined stage behind the synths with a very energetic participation. The base for a strong performance has been set! What a show! More fantastic vocal performances (going from high to low as if it was a child’s play) come with The Alternative!Chris Corner knows how to rock and give us a perfect show! I clearly feel the influence of Marc Almond (Soft Cell) / Depeche Mode. This man stands his ground and has two girls who know how to heathen up a fantastic crowd (and what a cool bass player). Happiness is a more recent hit, but the fans know how to show their appreciation.

A Melancholic highlight is Mercy, it was really hard to sit still (sorry: I choose to sit on the front row of the seated area). It was also very mesmerizing! One of the tracks I really adore from the new album is No Maker Made Me and it’s getting the right vibes and is just confirming my huge expectations from it! Volatile Times and Tear Garden are pretty fast followed by the stumping beats of Oh Cruel Darkness Embrace Me creating another highlight (and I love the playing with the 2 microphones). Spit it Out is another highlight (from 2006), it makes me almost emotional! Janine’s voice during Bernadette was yet another highlight (goosebumps time)! Surrender is quickly followed by another orgasm called After Every Party I Die (included great bass play). Time to get dirty with Aphrodisiac. The regular set ends with a big bang from Your Joy Is My Low! Some people were invited to come and dance on stage creating a greater positive vibe. It was a blast and off course the fans get their encores!


Bring Me Back A Dog giving us a more industrial minded sound and yet another thrill! Kiss + Swallow was one of the must have of this show! Echo, Echo … was what we all got around us with the fans singing all along! The end was again mind blowing and literally with a big bang! Melancholia at it’s top with I Am Terrified! Lots of people wanted more and were disappointed when the lights went on, but the least thing we can say is that this gig will end up in lots of lists of best gig of 2015! I am more than proud that I was there and will do my best to be there again next time! Thank you for the great time! This was simply a great concert with no low’s only highlights and top moments!

  1. I Come With Knives
  2. The Alternative
  3. Happiness
  4. Mercy
  5. No Maker Made Me
  6. Volatile Times
  7. Tear Garden
  8. Oh Cruel Darkness Embrace Me
  9. Spit It Out
  10. Bernadette
  11. Surrender
  12. After Every Party I Die
  13. Aphrodisiac
  14. Your Joy Is My Low



  1. Bring Me Back a Dog
  2. Kiss + Swallow
  3. I Am Terrified

Of Mice & Men

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