TRIAXIS release 'Lest We Forget' music video on Armistice Day

  Inge van Nimwegen    12 november 2015

Heavy metal band TRIAXIS release their first lyric video, a poignant visual and auditory offering of the timely 'Lest we Forget'. The track is taken from their most recent album 'Zero Hour' released on 18th May 2015 via Rocksector Records.

The skills of Andy Pilkington (Very Metal Art) were selected to bring the song to life with stunning video and imagery.

Guitarist CJ said, 'We feel 'Lest we Forget' is one of the band's strongest songs lyrically and of course it is a highly emotional subject for many people, so it felt right to use a lyric video to convey this song. By releasing the video on Armistice Day we felt it was a fitting tribute to those who have fought, fallen or have been affected by war.'

Utilising personal photos and documents of family members who died in The Great War (1914-1918) makes the 'letter home' feel of the video all the more personal and poignant to the band members, and helps to demonstrate the true cost to any conflict. Krissie's haunting vocal over Glyn and CJ's siren guitars form an'epic ballad that oozes class from start to finish' [Metal Talk], with the thundering power of Giles's drums and Becky's driving bass sustaining heavy metal roots even when the band show their softer side.

'The video is personal to the band as a whole and lyrically was inspired by the story of two members of Krissie's family who died in WWI, but we know the sentiments within the song will be shared by many of our listeners' Added bassist Becky, 'We were very pleased to work with our friend Andy on the video. He really captured our feelings and vision with sensitivity and passion. Sometimes we use silence to remember, sometimes we use music'

View the video now on YouTube.