Rossetti’s Compass – The Attrition EP (Sub Culture Records)

  Van Muylem    23 november 2015

Rossetti's Compass presents us a new EP, with the help of TyLean, Martin Bowes and the team behind Sub Culture Records. All retro new wave lovers have to keep their eyes open and give it a try! I adored it (yet: once again)!

The Attrition EP features the first two songs written by Rossetti's Compass in 2010 My Will (a soft one, with enough beats and enough tempo to keep you dancing whilst watching your feet) and Desire (a high tempo New Wave track backed up by TyLean) which have remained unreleased until now and are joined by the latest songs Attrition (a nice retro wave and very melancholic track and extra backings by TyLean) and Perfection (again cool retro wave). Also included are 2 covers of brilliant songs Shivering Skin by Love? (a great band, check them out and hear the difference with this more Fad Gadget/Gary Numan-minded version) and Coboloid Race by the Canadian giants of Minimal Electronica Rational Youth (a great up-tempo track, ready for the dance floors, call it electro wave).

There are also four remixes, two of which are new, by Digital ENERGY with their version of Attrition (a more Apoptygma Berzerk versus The Human League kind of a remix) and Fearpassage (Perfection getting closer to The Human League) and two that are just too good to be left out by Technomancer/Angst Pop (My Will gets a softer version, with a bit of a lesser typical Technomancer sound. You can almost describe it as a pretty dreamy/warm sound with modern synths) and ATTRITION (Desire gets more beats and a higher tempo, call it whipped up and dressed for the dance floors).

Some extra info for the fans: “The 4 original songs on this EP are the 4 pillars of Rossetti's Compass. Attrition – represents relentless pressure, Perfection - the need to succeed, Desire - the love for what we do and My Will - the means by which it will be achieved.”

Once again it was nice to revive the 80’s whilst listening to new tracks! Rossetti’s Compas keeps on surprising me! The backing vocals of TyLean are a great addition and might become an addiction! Keep up the good work and maybe one day we’ll see them on stage?