EVIG NATT – Evig Natt (EVIG NATT Records)

  Van Muylem    10 april 2016

Norwegian metal band EVIG NATT (featuring ex-members from Enslaved, Einherjer and Thundra) has just released their selftitled 3rd album Evig Natt . The band got in as last confirmed band for the fantastic festival called Metal female Voices Fest In Wieze (Belgium). The perfect reason to review them!

Recorded and produced by the band itself, Evig Natt's music is best described as aggressive but subtle, noisy yet beautiful, a maelstorm of symphonic darkness. The booklet is very cool, with a lot of dark elements, perfectly reflecting their music.

The Unkind of Ravens is a dark opening track, almost like an In Slaughter Natives track: dark and scary! How I bleed is the first real track and it starts with a big blast: guitars, drums and heavy grunts. When Kirsten starts to sing it gets something melancholic. The lyrics are pretty heavy. The bands manages to make you feel all the dark emotions. The piano moment is a great break and gives it that extra touch, just as the orchestral sound. Silence Falls has it all: it’s brutal & raw mixed with sweetness and the perfect band! It’s a pearl filled with emotions. In God I Grieve takes you in more than 8 minutes from hard and heavy to soft and acoustic, back and forth. If you check out the lyrics you might get depressed: ‘In God I grieved, he never granted his light. Only one thing is certain: we all die without his kiss.’ Stille For Storme is sung in their native language (Norwegian) and sounds pretty angelic, almost like a dark ballad. Wildfire has a positive note in the lyrics, the piano and fragile vocals from Kirsten mixed with the symphonic sound makes it another highlight on this (so far) great album! I’m more than happy to review from time to time a band I have yet to discover! Somehow it seems like I have a soft spot for Scandinavian music (count in Estonia as a close neighbor). I hope they will perform this one during their gig, let the lighters fill the darkness and let us dream away on this positive feel! The pathos will get you sucked into it, for sure! Bringer of Ice drags us bag into the pit and feels like a Viking story! It has something epic and cool! Listen to the backings, the mixed vocals and the sound! Svartsinn is sung in Norwegian and I’m wondering what it means. It has rambling guitars and hammering drums, whilst Kirsten gives all she has: singing high and low, whispering … Somehow it’s hard to stand still during this one: the melody urges you to at least weep! Head banging is almost an automatism during this great one! Weathered Emotion is already the last one: if feels like a dream, floating until the guitars and symphonic touch appear. It has something dark and melancholic, filled with emotions and fragility.

After this jewel I can only say that I can’t wait to see them on stage and have an interview with them! I hope you check them out and give them a chance!


Kirsten Jørgensen - Vocals (Reism)

Stein Roger Sund - Bass & Vocal (ex-Einherjer,Thundra)

Ruben Osnes - Guitar (ex-Thundra)

Arne Marton Tangjerd - Guitar (Pictures Of Pain)

Harald Magne Revheim - Drums (EX-eNSLAVED)

Discover them at The Metal Female voices fest in Wieze:


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