Kamelot, Serenity and Aeverium, Trix, (Antwerp), 23/04/2016

  Van Muylem    24 april 2016

It has been a while that I wanted to see Kamelot on stage and after their last CD (a pearl): I marked this date! I saw recently Serenity at the Biebob and that made this double date even more interesting (as I totally enjoyed their show)! Aeverium has the duty to open up the show, never seen them so it could be interesting!

Aeverium is a German band with a Dutch touch, it’s into symphonic Gothic metal. I see six people on stage. Cool thing is that the songs are brought like duets between Marcel "Chubby" Römer (who looks like a mad trucker) and the siren called Aeva Maurelle (who could easily figure during an opera: what a voice!). Already from the start of their second song the hearts of the many people around me are conquered. They have the right spirit and right feel for it! Arms go in the air, I notice a lot of clapping hands! Another thing I notice are influences from Crematory (male vocals, mix between electronics and heavy metal/gothic sound). From time to time we hear a softer side, proving they can do it too that way! Apparently they had guest vocals from Avantasia (What are you waiting for), but she couldn’t make it due to touring in the US. It’s clearly a highlight! Another highlight is the energetic Break Out! It’s clear that they are very happy to play in front of so much people and for sure when they see that they managed to get them into their music! For me their set could have been a bit longer as I totally enjoyed it! Thank you for this nice momentum!

Aeverium Setlist:

Do You Remember
The Otherside
What Are You Waiting For
Break Out
Heaven's Burning

Time for Serenity. I saw them not so long ago at The Biebob, playing a long set (as Xandria couldn’t perform). It was a bit of a change to see them play faster and getting lesser jokes, but hey: they still performed as on fire and with passion! The bombastic Follow Me just set the roof on fire from the first notes, calling up all the fans to move and show off their love! Fabio is not only a great guitar player but also a great vocalist and shows it off once again! Iniquity is still a great bombastic track. My Final Chapter is the use your lighters and mobile moment to create an intimate and romantic moment. Even in this big venue it works! The acoustic moment takes out a tear but explodes once the other band members join and put the heating on! It still gives me goosebumps! Tasha dressed in white … yup, we get it! She can play the perfect second voice during the (I almost wrote cover version) bombastic The Perfect Woman. Or should I say: I do anything but I won’t do that(Meat Loaf)… Nah, it’s fun! The fans adore it, even if it feels a bit like a typical Walt Disney track too! Velatum is an older track, but it’s clear that the fans love it! Tasha coming back all in black, ready for her second part. We even get a short a capella part with all four singing together, a bit like Van Canto and it’s just magical! They should do it more often! It all ends with a big bang and a short Sound of Music feeling (family Von Trapp). We had fun and the fans fully enjoyed it!

Serenity playlist:

Codex Atlanticus

Follow Me

Spirit in the Flesh


My Final Chapter

The Perfect Woman


Serenade of Flames

Legacy of Tudors

As I totally enjoyed the last album I marked this date and didn’t want to miss it! In the past not everybody was happy with the new singer, but as time goes by they started to change their mind. Well: I just got all the good things confirmed from the first notes and went full throttle! Kamelot is here to rule! Starting with the energetic Veil of Elysium is the perfect match! Clapping hands, rising fists, singing along: the audience is clearly in the right mood! When the Lights are Down is clearly a very much appreciated older song! The fire becomes bigger and the roof is already ruined and they just started! Tommy is clearly in good shape and knows how to set fire to the place, time after time! The Great Pandemonium is just symphonic metal heaven: the mix of the clean and the brutal vocals on stage work out perfectly! Party on and jump up and down! Time for a fragile moment with the beautiful ballad Here’s to The Fall (from their last album). If you don’t get goosebumps after this one you are not able to feel any emotions! It was simply great! Kobra Paige is also in good shape! After that we are getting bombed with March of Mephisto, Rule the world and Insomnia. The drum solo is something I would have wanted to get skipped, but hey, the fans adored it! Another highlight is Liar Liar (check out the video).  We get one last blast before the audience cane claim encore’s! Highly acclaimed and coming back with 3 extra songs. First one is My Therapy, clearly Kamelot’s antidote for a bad period in your life.

I feel like each song a shot filled with energy and hope! Right after that comes hammering time with Revolution. Once again the mix of the different kind of vocals creates that extra feeling that lifts it to a higher level! They end with a last blast Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife). I can’t believe it’s already done as I totally enjoyed it, seems like time flies whilst having fun!

I had a great night and hope to see them at least one more time! Thank you all!

Kamelot playlist:

Veil of Elysium

When the Lights are Down

The Great Pandemonium

Center of the Universe



Here's to the Fall

March of Mephisto

Rule the World


Drum Solo

Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy)

Keyboard Solo



My Therapy


Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)

Continuum (Outro)


Of Mice & Men

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