Circuito Cerrado – Arrhythmia (Alfa Matrix)

  Van Muylem    3 mei 2016

It doesn't always have to be something with guitars, sometimes I get excited about good electronic music and today it comes from Mexico! Mexico’s Circuito Cerrado has joined the Belgian electronic music label Alfa Matrix. The band is the hard power noise project of Markko B., aka C-Lekktor.

The project’s second album Arrhythmia holds 17 studio tracks (next to 13 bonus tracks) mixing rhythm noise, TBM and industrial rave dance including possible hits like Arrhythmia (feel the beats, live the rave and party on), 8 Bit Bitch (I would call it boom, badaboom and all the way with a Das Boot touch), Blastyle, , Let The Bass Fxxk You Up, Hochspannung (perfect for the German market and more into harsh industrial), I Own Your Ass, T.N.T., Training Day, What’s your Emergency, Macabre Dance, The Mechanical Man, Stress Generator, ‘sCCream, Hard as Fuck, ... Well: let’s say all the tracks from the album except Sweet Nightmares (it’s softer than the rest and the tempo is lower), the intro and the outro. I ain’t lying, you’ll see for yourself! The 13 bonus tracks will be with remixes from bands like Alien Vampires, Acylum, Fabrikc, XOTOX, Aengeldust, Chainreactor, Avarice In Audio, Iszoloscope

It’s simply one long rave with the perfect beats, the perfect tempo, top notch special effects, throwing one bomb after the other and keeping the dancefloor filled. If I wouldn’t have gotten a promotional copy and hear with every new track the phrase: 'This is a promotional copy' I would easily forget about the individual tracks and just notice the end of it at the very end and push the repeat all function! It’s clear that C-Lekktor started as a DJ, a selector of discs and now he has matured and created his own tunes! I am very proud that I can promote this guy withing the bias of this review! I hope he gets more fans and more followers and gigs! This guy doesn’t need a USB stick (and loose it), this guy is simply the music! Circuito Cerrado is simply about a guy who worked his ass off and deserves all the credits for this masterpiece!

Let da Beatz rule! It’s party time motherfuckers!