Diabulus In Musica announces details about forthcoming studio album “Dirge For The Archons”!

  Van Muylem    26 augustus 2016

The Spanish masters of Symphonic Metal finally release their next masterpiece entitled Dirge For The Archons: Elegant grandeur with a metallic punch! An extraordinary ability to merge metallic heaviness with symphonic catchiness!

The fantastic female vocalist Zuberoa Aznárez and her band members masterfully combine heavy Metal riffs, a pounding rhythm section with passionate and symphonic elements. The compositions are crowned by wonderful refrains, which will grab the listener’s attention at the first spin of the record.

Those who saw this band in the past on stage (at MFVF for example) will be delighted with their newest jewel! Can’t wait to grab the album and see them back on stage!

“Dirge For The Archons” track listing:

1  Battle of of Atlantis

2  Earthly Illusions

3  Marble Embrace

4  Invisible

5  Crimson Gale

6  Ring Around Dark Fairies’ Carousel

7  A Speck In The Universe

8  Hiding From You

9  The Voice Of Your Dreams

10 The Hawk’s Lament

11 Bane

12 The River Of Loss

13 Zauria

14 Lies in your Eyes (Live - Bonus Track)

15 St.Michael's Nightmare (Live - Bonus Track)

Vocals:  Zuberoa Aznárez
Keyboards:  Gorka Elso
Drums:  David Carrica
Guitars:  Alexey Kolygin
Bass Guitar:  Odei Ochoa