Cocaine Piss – The Dancer (Hypertension Records)

  Van Muylem    3 september 2016

Cocaine Piss is not a nice name, some say that this is what you get when you go down in the sewers of Antwerp. Well, they are from Belgium, that’s a start. To be more precise: it's female fronted punk metal from Liège.

What to expect? It's punk: pure, raw, naked and unpolished … The music is pretty good (what a great bass and rhythm section). I must say that Aurélie is not a singer, she just screams out her anger, her frustrations, and her hate for certain things. Sometimes her screaming makes your ears bleed or could give you a serious headache. Another reviewer already called this CD the best one for 2016, did he mean it or was he sarcastic? Strange thing is that Steve Albini produced the album, but apparently the vocals must be part of the gimmick, as the lyrics are for sure about joking and venting rage. Just to drop a few names of tracks: Sex Weirdos, Cosmic Bullshit, This is no fashion show, Black Speedo … Once you see the double layers the gimmick works and you actually start to smile.

Not so long ago I listened again to a CD from Manowar and the first song almost took 30 minutes, well this album only lasts for 25 minutes and serves you 14 songs. One song is 57 seconds long, another 2 minutes and 23 seconds. It’s a typical punk thingy, raw and not needed to have any talent, as long as it feels true. Being a punk is a way of life and not at all an insult. I love punk music and I know that some can’t even play their guitar or read notes, they just rage out their rage, so don’t feel insulted by my words.

If you want to speed review the album, well these are my favorite tracks: Ugly Face on, Shiny Pants, Elegance, Happiness and Nostalgia.

Regular people will hate it, punk rock fans might like it and people with a wide vision will at least give it a shot …

Well: I hate drugs and reviewed it, the rest is up to you ...



Ugly Face On

Sex Weirdos

Cosmic Bullshit

The Dancer

Plastic Pants

Avarage Romance

Shiny Pants


Sport Things

This Is No Fashion Show

The Player Without A Team

Black Speedo